RIP Neil Peart

The truly incredible drummer with Canadian prog-rockers Rush has died at the age of 67.

Tomorrow I am going to listen to Moving Pictures all the way through. Great band. Great drummer. RIP.

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RIP, an absolute monster behind the kit.


Currently listening to Hemispheres, as that was the album I discovered first.

Suddenly, you were gone
From all the lives you left your mark upon
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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oh fuck.

this is the fucking worst



I remember being a kid who’d never heard of him or Rush and he was on the cover of Modern Drummer or some shit with his 360 degree kit and I was like holy shit this guy must be the best drummer ever

and then like a decade later I discovered he was, and not just that, he was a futuristic lyricist that powered the band too. what a fucking guy. 67! christ. shedding a tear right now.


That’s very sad. The other two must be really devastated.

From a purely selfish point of view, makes me really wish I’d gone to see them when I had the chance.

Spent a lot of last night reading people’s stories and tributes to him. Fantastic drummer, and a quiet, humble individual who overcame some huge tragedy in his life. His influence stretches far and he positively touched on a huge number of peoples lives. Someone who’ll live on for a long time to come.


RIP The Professor :sob:

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Got into Neil via his Buddy Rich tribute album (Burning for Buddy, well worth a listen), am currently on a YT tear of his solos.

Love the bit above where he’s playing a 3/4 rhythm with his feet while soloing with his hands, increasing the tempo as he does so! And he switches from traditional to matched grip seamlessly, and in the Letterman vid he puts the snare on between beats or something - the guy was basically a magician

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The moment I realised I was doing alright at this drumming was performing ‘The Rhythm Method’ in a school concert, and my music teacher bigging the audience up because they were “in for something special”.

Still, pretty weird doing a massive drum solo for loads of parents.

Can’t think of another drummer with such a musical approach to composition. Everything was in for a reason. Huge influence, massive loss :frowning:

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Sad times, what a guy. I bloody love Rush :frowning: Going to listen to Fly By Night proper loud later.

I’d just about held it together until Saturday afternoon when our Alexa played ‘2112’. Just the synth intro had me choked up to fuck.

Have started a chronological run through of their albums on my daily commute (Starting at Fly By Night, obvs).


Watching the Classic Albums doc on 2112/Moving Pictures on Prime. Can’t tell you how much I love the guy. Still struggling to comprehend him being gone.


fwiw; following my run through their back catalogue. They only went a bit off the boil in the 90s. Maybe it’s just a familiarity thing but everything up to and including Roll the Bones was great. Then it went a bit mediocre. But Snakes and Arrows and Clockwork Angels were ace. And I’ll always kick myself for not going to the Clockwork Angels tour in Manchester.

Fuck, I love Rush.

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