Rip off Britain



popped into Costa the other week for emergency green tea. asked for some honey - 45p!

fucking hell! rolled my eyes a bit, drank the insipid tea and walked home with the little jar the honey was housed in. nice little jar, it was/is.

I like jars.

so yeah, stuff like that


would this happen in your new place of employment, bird?


that sounds like a fair price given that a bee makes a single teaspoon of honey in it’s entire life. (citation : QI)


no man. free serviettes, honey and unlimited use of the shitter innit


R.I.P. Off Britain :frowning:


is that right? man, if it was Manuka with a guaranteed UMF of 25 or above, then 45p is fair do’s. was no doubt the most basic of squeezy shit.



honey? that’ll costa extra


some poor been has given his life to supply you with 1tsp of basic squeezy shit


I thought you were going caffeine free?


nowhere on the history of the internet have I ever said that. nowhere


Did a bit of holiday planning over the weekend. What was just about affordable when we first looked at it back in June is now stupidly expensive due to the exchange rate collapsing.

Thanks, Brexit.



what’s your new job??


got a little gig in my mates coffee shop. loose job, say 7-10 hrs a week. gotta learn how to use his £5000 coffee machine tomorrow. fuuuuuck

pumped - 65%
nervous - 35%


alright get over it


oh yeah, fuck, forgot about this!!!

(good luck :four_leaf_clover:)


i can’t imagine you being nervous


I may well exude an air of pure jazz cool, but man, I analyse, overthink and worry unnecessarily like everybody else. not so much as I used to, but yeah.

example - meeting you guys. was a bit nervous when I came to the table. luckily @Ruffers was there, a face I had seen irl before

you probably don’t remember, but I shook everybody’s hand except @plasticniki . must have looked like a right cunt



I only remember it because you’ve mentioned it and I think you’d taken the care to mention it to niki at the time. I remember the first time I went to meet them, I nearly walked on passed the pub, I’m glad I didn’t.


Yeah I’m a bit worried that going on holiday will never be fun again due to everything being SO FUCKING FRIGHTENINGLY EXPENSIVE because of the pound’s demise

Thanks Boris you buffoon cunt.


Yeah, just booked a short trip to Barcelona. It’s not the super cheap mini break it used to be.