Rip Olivia Newton-John





Absolute banger

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That’s a shame


The best film song of all time (i just made a thread on the entertainment board but happy to merge it with this)


Gutted about this, what an icon


Seemed like a good egg.

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My Mam is going to be absolutely gutted. Total icon to her growing up. R.I.P.

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So sad! She seemed like a genuinely lovely person and is seriously underrated.

I loved the Juliana Hatfield covers album from a few years ago and this has always been a favourite of mine:

When Olivia teamed up with ABBA and Andy Gibb.

Oh no :worried:

Had a massive crush on her when I was 8

hard to disagree with this

One of the best songs to belt out when you’re home alone. Not many people get to play a role that becomes so iconic.

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Awwww i was just listening to Xanadu at lunch time :broken_heart:

Seemed such a great person

Grease was a huge part of my childhood. My older sister taped it when it was on TV maybe early 80s and we then watched it endlessly until that VHS became fuzzy and semi-unplayable.

The cast for that film was perfect as obviously was the soundtrack. It wouldn’t have worked without the two leads being cast as they were.

I remember going to my cousin’s house in the mid-80s and we rented Two Of A Kind starring Newton-John and Travolta from the newsagent. It’s a film to definitely avoid but we had to rent it as it starred those two. She had a star power pull for four Indian kids in around 1984.

I wouldn’t call myself an Olivia Newton-John fan but Physical and Xanadu were iconic 80s songs.

A huge part of my childhood and she seemed like a lovely person whenever being interviewed.


Good grief. This is properly sad. The first single I bought was The Smurfs - The Smurfing Song. In fact, I bought it twice, two weeks running - so it might knock John Travolta & Olivia Newton John off the Number 1 slot. It never did and remained at Number 2.

I remember You’re The One That I Want being Number 1 for ages, 6 weeks maybe, which feels like eternity when you are 8 years old. Every single from that soundtrack becoming huge, and the soundtrack itself dominating the album charts. It felt kind of right and it appealed to everyone.

Maybe that Smurfs story is the core of me rooting for the underdog in music. Probably not. Can’t deny though the song that it never toppled and the album it came from are as iconic as they come. Time for me to concede the better song was Number 1 all along back in 1978. Really saddening to hear of her passing.

My wife and I met at an Indie club where Fuck-Off Machete (a fun band possibly only @guntrip would remember) played a cover of this and I still have the single somewhere with their version. :frowning:

(I removed the spaces around the hyphen in your title @Brainfreeze on account of not knowing if it would affect people searching for a thread and because as a fellow hyphenator it made me twitch a little, sorry!)

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