RIP Pebbles the Hamster

Really though, even if someone from the airport told her to flush it (which they deny), WHY DID SHE DO IT?

I wanted to make this thread also. What a silly idiot. Just whack it up your bum like a normal person


Airport staff can be twats at the best of times. Never been to America, but heard a lot of horror stories about airport staff over there particularly. And she’s got some issues, clearly. Maybe it wasn’t as easy as just standing up to them? As much as i initially chuckled at the term Emotional Support Peacock in a similar story last week, the underlying issues of how people with mental health problems are treated are probably more important.

Really want to know more about the peacock

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Good riddance!

Here you go:


It’s not a good time for emotional support animals and airports what with that peacock not being allowed on the plane.

What emotional support animal would you have? I’d quite like a sloth. Could sit round my shoulders.

It’s probably the only chance in life that you get to legitimately see how far you can drop kick a hamster. What a waste.

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I’ll take my bunny thanks :rabbit: :rabbit2:

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for fuck’s sake


I’ve generally found US airport staff to be no better or worse than those you find anywhere.

She was obviously put in a difficult spot - I guess it wasn’t a case of standing up to them exactly (she couldn’t say “I’m taking it on the plane no matter what”) but her options were to not take her flight and make arrangements for the hamster, or to dispose of it, and she chose the latter.

There’s obviously a lot of conversation to be had about service animals and their validity.


Don’t get why you’d have to flush it down the toilet? Surely it could survive in the airport nooks and crannies like mice do if you set it free?

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By definition, if she has an Emotional Support Animal, she’s got some form of emotional or mental health disability.

An animal for every situation there.

Polar bear

Can’t get my head around how she needed the hamster for emotional support to be able to fly, but when told she couldn’t fly without the hamster she drowned it and flew anyway


That you could ride?

I imagine if she was caught releasing a rodent into the airport she’d be punished in some way (though arguably she should be punished for some sort of animal cruelty anyway).