RIP Pebbles the Hamster

How many albatrosses would it take to fly me out of danger in the event of an emergency?

There’s no real limitation for declaring an animal an ESA though. You just need a doctor’s note. They could sign it because you say you get nervous flying, there’s no requirement that you have a mental health diagnosis, or are receiving treatment etc.

That wears armour.

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I’m not Isaac Newton pal.

Yeah, I know someone who works in the animal section of an airport, seems like people are allowed to bring things on in America for support but when they get here it’s not allowed and they just pay the fine (not sure how quarantine comes in to play) and while it is a legitimate thing for some people they also got lots of rich people and celebrities (presumably more able to get doctors notes) using it to take their pets with them, so it seems like a system that needs some work

Needs another edit, *when told she couldn’t fly with the hamster

I already bagsied it

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No - it has a legal basis in America and has to be signed off by a mental health professional.

The fundamental issue is that some airlines were accepting notes from the equivalent of a family GP and the abuse of that system has been getting worse and worse. This student and hamster seem to be victim sof the crackdown that some airlines recently announced on that abuse.

Actually this seems unlikely to be true, heard it from their spouse rather than direct so probably lost some accuracy along the way

Apparently this issue is you could essentially purchase the notes online without any real need for diagnoses:

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Okay - didn’t realise it was that easy to abuse the official system. Wow.

Kind of like how you needed an official medical diagnoses for weed in California - you could walk into any of the purpose-built “clinics” in Malibu, tell the doctor you had a bad back, he’d wink and write you a prescription.

and then you’d sue the doctor for making untoward advances

fake news!
I don’t think this will work out very well for her.

Did you know that ‘ijsberen’ is Dutch for ‘pacing up and down’? Literally, it translates to ‘polar bearing’ because polar bears in zoos are known for pacing up and down out of boredom.


Of course he did.


I did not. That is an excellent fact.

I hope that you’re having a legal high, right now.


she’s blates just read about the tightening of airline policies on support animals and smelled a dollar. as cuntish as airport staff are, can guarantee that no one has ever said “you’ve got to kill your pet or you’re not coming on”. get real.

not read the article.


Yeah she’s made this up

Bet she never even had a hamster