A queen amongst cereals. Discontinued.

Jokes workshop

Think this actually happened like a year ago


I use to fucking love ricicles


So good…but even before the sugar tax days they seemed hard to find. Far superior to rice crispies.


Way superior to Rice Krispies


been dead to me ever since they got rid of the marshmallows


Always knocked me sick
same with rice krispies


Put some sugar on rice crispies and you get ricicles


I don’t remember that (bleak time) thankfully.

I’m a ricicles purist.


I find cereal really depressing in general tbh unless its weetabix or has chocolate in


Mate… its just rice krispies with sugar


it definitely seems quite insane to have marshmallows in a kids breakfast cereal, but then again i’m sure the sugar content in other cereals is just as high even without them


Bran flakes are the niceat cereal.


Please don’t.

It’s a sugary syrupy coating that you cant just replicate with sprinkled sugar.


Oh this makes me sad, used to love getting the ricicles box in a multipack


I like kids sugary cereal and i like bran flakes and those ones that look like brown grids.

I think we can all agree though thay cornflakes are the worst, then rice crispies until they’re coated in chocolate and presented as a cake, at which time they are the finest cakes known to man.


People think this at all times when cornflakes aren’t in their mouths, but they’re actually very good.


I like the texture of shredded wheat but dont think I’ll buy or eat some any time soon


I don’t think I bought a normal sized box; just had them from the variety packs.


Co-op blueberry wheats are right nice.