I can’t get behind a cereal invented to stop masturbation.


I thought I was OK with this, but I’m not. I’m just not. I can’t quit you, ricicles


Nah, always hungry about half an hour later if i have cornflakes breakfast too

opens mouth wide to show there are no cornflakes there


Same. Part of their beauty was their scarcity. Buying a full sized box, even if you could track one down, just wasn’t how ricicles should be consumed.


Keeps hard-ons* locked up til lunch

*wide-ons too


The best way to eat rice crispies is to spoon in loads of Nutella and other chocolatey spreads, then microwave it so they’re soft and mix all of it together


I applaud your use of cereal as a vehicle for chocolate.


Kellogg’s Start, that was a cereal. Did we discuss Start recently? I feel like we might have.


Picturing the Ricicle man stranded in space having been shot out the pod bay doors by HAL-3000


Subthread: how many different types of cereal do you have in your house right now? We have fuckloads


Just porridge (and I’m running low, have to pick up more tomorrow)


Bran flakes
‘Special Flakes’ (own brand special K)
Malt Wheats (own brand shreddies)
Mini Shredded Wheat
Oh and homemade muesli if that counts.

Basically looks like we’re all struggling with our bow(e)ls


Are you including muesli? Because 0 if you aren’t, and 2 if you are. Porridge is different obviously


Also, ive never had ricicles.


None. Can’t remember the last time I bought cereal. Couple of years maybe?


Asda snide version of cheerios. They seem to have stopped doing the healthy alpha bear ones and I don’t know where else stocks them.

Then we have the grid looking ones (why can’t i remember what they’re called?) that i mostly use to feed the birds with.

Not really a cereal eating household but nursery have given M a taste for them.


Don’t believe you




And now you never will. How does that make you feel?


Why would i lie about thjs?