This is the king of cereals but costs about a tenner


Don’t mention this pls


Woah there, I believe both of these would fall under the wider definition of toast


nah… beans on toast is not toast. its beans on toast.


perfect cereal

if it was intended to curb onanism, it was clearly intended to by being fully satisfying


It’s in the name!



Can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten any cereal, it’s been years!

My favourites growing up were Frosties, Sugar Puffs, Ricicles and Weetos (so basically all the mega sugar ones lol)


At the DiS gig on Saturday should be some live polls between songs like stand in that corner for toast, over there for cereal, by the bar for porridge or leave the room (tory option)


Golden Grahams is the best-named cereal, isn’t it

graham crackers aren’t a thing over here, so it’s just like the bits of cereal are called Graham


nah cos then where does it stop? is pizza toast?


The recipe deffo got less good somewhere along the way.


No. But beans on bloody toast is definitely toast.


how do you feel about cornflake tart, though

that’s in my top five deserts of all time






it’s bread that gets toasted. what about naan? see?

it’s all or nothing here or the whole thing collapses


OMG with warm custard all over it OM NOM

Also a fan of the chocolate cornflake cake but not a patch on the cornflake tart


might knock up a tray of it this week, have a slice of it each day like I’m at school


Well if we’re going to apply this shit logic then toast is made from bread which is made from wheat which is a cereal so technically its all the same bloody thing.



[heavy sigh]