Whoa, memory hit me like a train, I can taste these - it’s my childhood, sweet banana bubbles




yes Shiggles my friend, they were truly a wonderful thing

like, that was my 1995, right there

scarcely any evidence they existed, as far as a brief google image search goes :cry:




I feel like maybe I remember you saying this. like maybe I told you about my love of Banana Bubbles before. not sure.

I am gonna try the heck out of this :banana: :milk_glass: :bowl_with_spoon:


In 1995
It was a very good year
It was a very good year
For cereal
That tasted like shakes
From the makers of flakes
But it didn’t survive
The year of ‘95

(It was actually discontinued in 1996 following poor sales and market pressure on Kellogg’s core brands)


people just weren’t ready for it

I feel like today’s woke superchildren would go for it


Omg the wave of nostalgia i just felt


I know, it’s actually painfully strong. I want to be nine again. I liked being nine. Stupid lovely cereal making me feel the vertigo of ageing.


They’ve got them in Saino’s (big ones, not sure about locals though)


Probably number 1 tbh. I used to make it all the time for my old housemates. Got to have it with custard though.


The best cereal is apricot wheats

We have about ten boxes of cereal in the flat right now


Godspeed Captain Rik.
You’re giving angels sugar rushes now :expressionless:


I was trying to be measured in my ranking, but my heart was saying #1 too.

obvs with hot custard (@andyvine this is a rare exception to my custard heresy)



Do you reckon there’s some kind of correlation between apricot wheat consumption and not being the kind of shit twat who’s constantly breaking their phone?

I think there might be.


I always thought Corn Flakes weren’t up to much and then we were on holiday somewhere where we had to pay the £££s for the official Kellog’s version rather than the moody supermarket ones anyone earning under £55K buys…and bloody hell, the official ones are actually great and don’t turn soggy in about 2 seconds.

Still, not paying out the arse for official Corn Flakes.


Always associate cereal with work or school; something quick to eat before trudging out into the dark and the rain. Like much of life it’s necessary, but unenjoyable. Don’t think I’d ever eat it on a day off (unlike toast for example).


Bought some supermarket brand honey nut cornflakes the other day thinking they wouldn’t be any different to Kelloggs. What a naive schmuck.


What were those ones that were like shreddies but covered in frosted sugar and with a raisin inside?

Have cereal about once every six months these days but do tend to enjoy it when I do.


Currently enjoying fruit n fibre and a chopped banana for my breakfast. Probably too much sugar.