RIP Sam Mehran (Test Icicles)

Very sad news

Massive shame. I was only reading about them again today. Really liked some of the Outer Limits stuff as well

Really sad news.

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Really sad. R.I.P. Going to dig out my vinyl copy of this and play it tonight.


V sad, test icicles at the Astoria is the first gig I went to

what the fuck, this is awful

Oh fucking hell what


Oh no. Don’t really know Test Icicles very well, but loved his solo stuff so much. The 90210 album (with James Ferraro), Matrix Metals and his Wingdings tapes are some of my favourite stuff of the last decade. This is awesome too:

Sounds a bit trite, but associate his music with really happy times. Genuinely gutted by this.


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I didn’t know any of his post-Test Icies stuff. Going to rinse this tomorrow. That’s no age.


Test Icicles at The Joiners remains one of the most manic gigs i’ve been to - perfect teenage experience

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Awful news

This is truly shit to hear :cry:

Real soundtrack to my childhood stuff. They were so talented. Really, really sad.