RIP Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)

thought it might be useful to spread the word here in case in Scottish DiSers spot him

Christ. Hope he’s ok


just saw this on twitter. :frowning_face:

His last 2 tweets are pretty worrying. Really hope he’s ok


Just read them. Christ

Fuck :frowning:

Had no idea he’s going through such a rough time. Not many bands i’ve gone back to more than Frightened Rabbit over the last few years, and his solo record’s great as well. What a talented bloke. Fingers crossed for him.


Fuck - really hope he’s okay.

Really hoping he’s just wandered off to clear his head or something. This doesn’t look good. Hope he turns up safe and well.

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his last 2 tweets are worrying, hope he turns up safe

How weird, he was in my dream last night playing with mastersystem (don’t know why)

Hope he is ok!

this is really worrying. hope he’s ok, he’s a top bloke


Don’t mean add extra morbidity here but that hotel is very close to the Forth Road Bridge and I cannot get that out of my head now.

Seriously, seriously hope the dude is alright.

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Literally just messaged my pals saying the same thing. It’s really thrown me off guard and I can’t shake the horrible feeling in my gut

Like the guy wrote a song called Floting in the Forth that very openly discusses suicide. Really hoping he’s just shut himself off to try and get a bit of headspace and think about things


very concerning. I’d echo everyone else here in hoping against hope that he’s ok.

Yeah this has shaken me a bit. As you say hopefully he’s just shut himself away tonclear his head or something :frowning:

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Hope he turns up soon. He seems like one of the good guys.

misspelled his surname in the thread title, can anyone edit?

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Nothing really to add here other than to echo all the sentiments above, shaken me a bit too, hoping he’s found safe and well

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