RIP Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)


I really hope they find him safe. Feel completely shit since I read this news and can’t stop thinking about it. I love FR and seen him play with Mastersystem only last week. I keep checking the news and twitter hoping for some good news, it must be awful for his friends and family. Poor fellas. :frowning:


Latest update from local police.


This looks like it is going to have a heartbreaking and tragic ending.



Ah shit, this is so so sad.


Oh no




Fucking hell what horrendous news. His poor friends and family.


Such a shame.


Heartbreakingly sad news.


Tragic news. Thoughts are with his family and friends.


Really terrible news.


Fuck this. :cry:


Hearing this after seeing those last two tweets from him is heartbreaking. Cannot imagine what his family and friends are feeling as well as fans of his music.

I think it’s been said above but please reach out if you’re having a rough time of it, be it friends, family or the Samaritans. The process of just speaking out and telling someone as hard as it may be can often be cathartic and help.


Awful news. :frowning:


That’s absolutely devastating. Can’t get Grant’s radio interview yesterday and initial statement out of my head.

Listened to the discography a couple of times over recent days. Feel quite guilty for enjoying those songs so much for so long without really realising what they were about and how much he was struggling.


Devastatingly sad news, can’t begin to think what his family and friends must be going though.


I just tried to listen to the Greys but had to turn it off or I was going to start greetin at the bus stop.


Yeah, “floating in the forth” is an extremely difficult listen now


Just… fuck.