RIP Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)


Guess this outcome was increasingly likely as the hours ticked by but still incredibly sad to hear nonetheless. Thoughts to friends and family…


I hope he’s finally at peace but I wish more that it hadn’t had to end like this. Another young man, full of talent, and cut off in his prime. It’s like an epidemic. It’s heartbreaking. R.I.P.


His interview with Noisey a week back is heart breaking reading.


Bit choked up reading that. Not sure I’ll be able to listen to midnight organ fight for a long time. Such sad news


Don’t even know what to add to this, hit me pretty hard this morning. Absolutely gutting.

Just to echo the above really - if you’re ever feeling low then reach out to someone, anyone. This doesn’t have to be a way out for anyone.

Loved this band in its early days but they continued to mean so much to a lot of my closest friends over the years. Gutted for them, gutted for his family. RIP


I know, I read that earlier. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s all so poignant- to have had that level of awareness only a week ago, and to be able to articulate that it’s something that he has nearly done, but hasn’t, and then to- a week later- go and do it, is especially hard. What can happen in a week? Clearly something that has tipped him off his position of tentative stability.


Edited. Nevermind.


I’m just… gutted. So, so sad. One of those people who just felt things that little bit more. Fine margins make all the difference.

Such a good human, such sad news. RIP Scott and thanks for the music. It was really, really good. : (


Lots that a lot of people have already eloquently said, that sums up the misery of all this pretty well.

Lost Evenings starts tonight in Camden. Last year over the same weekend, Scott supported on the main stage and then cameod on a cover of his own song (modern leper). Feels fuckin desolate that one of the heroes of that weekend, full of swagger and bouncy energy just a year ago, is gone.


For some reason I felt a desperate need to listen to some of it after this, for catharsis or something - who knows. So beautiful and so fucking sad.


Saw FR a few times and one thing that was very apparent was just how warm and funny he was.


I started with the Greys and couldn’t. I then put on Floating in the Forth and couldnt.

Now put on POAPA and it is so very very good. Oh man


Yes. Instantly likeable. No hint of arrogance, just radiating the idea that he would be the entire world’s pal if he had the energy


First saw them at Norwich arts centre with about 50 people there when I was about 16. Came out and did poke as an encore without an amp or mic then spent hours chatting to folk outside before the venue told him to go. Really good bloke


:slight_smile: I always thought he had a sense to him that he was surprised/bemused that he had the level of fans that he did. Just seemed grateful to be doing what he was doing

Goes without saying that lyrically he was a proper powerhouse too


Yes, seen him with Mastersystem last week, he was on typically good form on stage and after speaking to people. Exactly what I thought, what has happened from understanding being in that position and rationalising it to a week later going and doing this? The poor guy. Maybe he’s got too drunk and things have spiralled and he’s got himself into a mess without anyone being able to bring him back.

I’m really upset, I didn’t know him but almost felt like I did, I’ve been in tears this morning and I almost feel a bit silly as it’s someone I didn’t know. FR meant so much to me and he seemed a really good if troubled guy.

I read that Noisey interview on Tuesday just before he went missing, and it was good to read that he knew how much his music meant to people. I feel so sorry that what the love he had from so many people wasn’t enough, and that he seemingly didn’t feel worthy of it. I’m devastated for Grant and the rest of his family and friends. RIP Scott.


Yeah did a full re-listen a month or two ago and realised that pedestrian verse is much, much better than I thought at the time. Really talented, really good bloke. RIP


So very sad. I kept hoping he’d turn up ok. I saw them a few times and saw him solo supporting the Hold Steady only a few weeks ago. Just heart breaking. My thoughts are with his friends and family.


This is really very upsetting - I think the stark honesty and bluntness of that interview and those tweets make it a lot harder / feel so much more of a personal and intimate thing. Can’t imagine what his friends and family are going through.


Well I’m crying. This is so sad.

The Midnight Organ Fight soundtracked my first real breakup and I have vivid memories of walking around Edinburgh listening to it, “dissolving in Scottish rain”.

Ergh there is so much I could say, but I can only wonder, why? I feel terrible for his friends and family.