RIP Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)


This is absolutely terrible. I saw them in Sheffield a few years back, they played Floating in the Forth and the whole place was silent, then let out a huge cheer at the end. It was incredibly uplifting at the time. That whole album has given me so much pleasure over the years.

Thoughts to his friends and family.


Think I was at that. Leadmill?


Yeah it soundtracked my first proper break up, had it on repeat for weeks.
Especially my backwards walk, put it on last night and got proper choked up before switching off.


O2, i think. But I’ve seen them a couple of times so it’s a bit mixed up in my head, could well have been the Leadmill.


As everyone has already said, this is absolutely heartbreaking. I feel terrible for his friends and family but, above all else, i just feel terrible for him. He must have been in a terrible frame of mind for quite some time. I stopped listening after ‘The Winter of Mixed Drinks’, but ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’ is a true classic. I won’t be able to listen to again in the same way ever again. An awful tragedy.


oh no :frowning:

really seemed inevitable that this would be the case from what we’d heard, but it’s such a horribly sad reality to face.



That’s really hit me


was tearing up listening to this yesterday. had only dug the CD out again a week or two ago, remembering how much I loved it. the warmth of the record has always been so disarming.


this is so, so relatable

to be warm and supportive to others comes so naturally to so many deeply sad people. but to be kind to yourself is sometimes impossibly hard


aw man, fuck


poor guy


This is heartbreaking. Midnight Organ Flight really helped me through some difficult times, and many other people I know too; it’s such a bleak album at points but has this humour bubbling beneath the surface and, for me, always ends up being surprisingly uplifting. It was clear from his music that he struggled with his mental health; it’s tragic that this is often what made it so relatable. As bugduv said it almost makes you feel guilty.

RIP and thoughts with his family.


I feel relieved to read that I’m not the only one who can’t listen to his music at the moment. It’s too much.

My heart goes out to everyone. I can’t begin to imagine the pain his close friends and family are going through.

I knew Scott a little bit. He was always incredibly open and frank - perhaps even more so than in his songs. I’m finding anyone speculating about things on social media incredibly upsetting and I would urge people not to do that here.

Let’s process this and find a way to celebrate him both individually and collectively. For now, we have each other and if you need to talk there are plenty of people here or organisations you can speak to including the Samaritans and CALM.


Ooh shit, just read about this.

I knew he was missing and was hoping against hope for a positive outcome.

A couple Frightened Rabbit songs have helped me get through some seriously tough and very very dark and isolated times.


Can’t really add anything else at the moment. This is just too awful and sad.


That’s so sad. Sometimes the people who struggle the most can also have the most hope for other people but often find it hard to take their own advice. (And I don’t mean that in any negative or judgemental way).


Should probably update the thread title. Fucking hell this is really getting me today. So, so sad


Struggling with this today. Cannot express enough how sorry I am for him, his family , friends and fans. Hope everyone’s doing alright and looking after eachother and reaching out if needed.

One of my all time favourite bands, I feel we’ve lost one of the greatest most affecting songwriters Scotland has ever produced.


Beautifully put man. Sums my brother up perfectly. Rip mat. Rip scot. Never hesitate to reach out to your loved ones if you’re worried about them, everyone.


Devastating :confused: