RIP Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)




Gutted by this. His songs really helped me at some dark times. I discovered them later so for me it was stuff like Living in Colour, Break, The Woodpile.

Much love to his family and friends.


That’s what I was trying to say but much more eloquently put. So true.


I can’t say I knew much about the man or his music but he sounds like a lovely man who meant a lot to a great deal of people. Such a sad loss.

It remains an astonishing and unfathomable fact that for men under 45 suicide is the most likely cause of death. The thing most likely to kill us is us. If you’re suffering, please reach out. And tell your friends you love them. They’ll probably call you a soppy bell end - because us men are god damn idiots - but it’ll mean a lot.

Look after yourselves.


Hey all, I usually just lurk around here reading topics, but wanted to say having this thread to read about how much Scott has meant to people has been helping a lot, haven’t got anyone to talk to around me currently about how affecting this is.

Scott’s writing has meant the world to me since I first saw them supporting Biffy Clyro around 10 years ago, and this lyric off The Oil Slick always sticks with me:

“There is light but there’s a tunnel to crawl through,
There is love but misery loves you,
There’s hope so I think we’ll be fine,
In these disastrous time, disastrous times”


This has been a difficult few days and just heartbreaking to wake up to this news today.

As a huge fan of FR its hard but also on a personal level its hit home even more. I’m absolutely broken.


Just… so unbelievably sad.

To echo what a lot of other people are saying, I got so much from his music at such a fragile time in my life, I am so grateful it was there because it was undoubtedly something that contributed to pulling me through that period.


Was listening to Midnight Organ Flight on the way in to work this morning, arrived before reaching the latter half of the album, which would have been a really hard listen.

Tremendously sad to walk past all the Missing Person posters put up for him all along Princes Street this morning.


I’m saying fair play to all of you who are able to listen to a few FR, Owljohn or Mastersystem tunes today to remember how great a talent the boy was. Going to be a while before I can put any of them on I think. Keep getting snippets of lyrics (or even some of the melodies) popping into my head and choking back the tears.

Fuck, this is absolutely shite.


This is so horrible. I wasn’t an enormous fan or anything but listening Midnight Organ Flight for the first time in years today has reminded me what a fucking incredible songwriter the guy was, to see that he was also a thoroughly good person makes his suffering all the harder to process.


Listened to that song a lot when my wife was seriously ill and it gave me strength and hope that things would be ok. One of my favourite ever lyrics.


@sean sorry, can you delete my post above, I didn’t mean to say anything speculative about the circumstances which could potentially further upset people. Feeling very low at the moment and was trying to make sense of things.


Fucking hell, choking up listening to ‘Swim until to you can’t see land’


If anyone needs a heartwarming story about him.


Sad news

Song that always stuck with me is Backwards Walk - really hit home about a relationship I was in at the time


Guardian a bit early with this no?


Fuck, this has hit me harder than I ever thought possible

So fucking sad


Yep. Agreed. Way too soon.


Officially confirmed :frowning: :


Somehow I still had hoped this wouldn’t turn out this way but… Nope.