RIP Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)


Thought I was ready to hear this…nope. Fuck, this is tragic. So much love to Grant and his family.


This has hit me really hard. Unlike other folk who have dies that i’ve been fans of there is a closeness here.
Like other posters have very eloquently said up thread his music and in particular the midnight organ fight really helped me in darker times, it was on repeat for weeks. What always got me about that record was that while it was certainly dark in many places it was also full of light, humour and had such great warmth. What a great talent.
I’m so gutted for his family and friends and can’t begin to imagine what they’re going through.:cry:

Man if anyone is feeling in a dark place then please reach out.

Next time i see my loved ones i’ll be hugging them a lot tighter than usual.



got at least one good friend with bad depression and this sort of thing reminds me of how easily it could happen to them

tearing up a little bit reading all the tributes in the BBC article


listening to Sing the Greys for the second time this week. always been my favourite even if most people, including the band, disagree - maybe because it was the first one i heard, my friend at uni ripped it to a CD for me around the time Midnight Organ Fight came out. even that early on some of his lyrics are incredible, the title track is such a powerful description of depression that now feels quite gut-wrenching to listen to.

“I woke up this afternoon, thought maybe today the world might be a more colourful place, but there’s no luck, it’s still just grey.”


It’s so crushing to see that this is what some people see as the best option. Could be anyone. Absolutely heart breaking. Amazing sentiments in this thread. Shouldn’t have listened to Midnight Organ Fight, man.

Rest in peace, Scott.


Have been listening to ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’ all day today…outstanding album.


Yep and it whilst it would really look into the darker side of things, it would really explode into life at times and feel hopeful. Just so sad what has happened :frowning:


Had a little bit of hope last night hearing his brother say he’d gone awol for a couple of days in the past, thinking he’d maybe turn up but as soon as I heard there was a body this morning I knew that was it. Still the article has added an extra level of sadness.


yeah, definitely. there’s normally a feeling of distance when somebody well-known passes, but this is somebody any of us could have known, and it feels heartbreakingly close.


I’ve had the stuff on repeat for a few days. Know some won’t be able to listen for a while, but i guess for others it’s a way to connect with him and the band. The first two records are quite personal for me, so a bit tough to hear them, really, but i’ve found some of the EP and singles b-sides a bit easier to digest as there’s a lot of stuff i’d not heard before.

One of my good pals is from Glasgow. Bit older than me and loves his music. Every now and then we’ll get a crate of beer and hide out in his spare room listening to records, and lots of the bands we’ve bonded over down the years have been Scottish artists. He introduced me to The Pastels, i introduced him to the Twilight Sad. He showed me the Vaselines or Ivor Cutler, me him Ballboy or Copy Haho.

Anyway, bit of a ramble i know, but Frightened Rabbit were one of the bands who’d bring us together. Hearing a Scottish vocalist sing in his own accent made him beam, or reading an interview where someone would namecheck a Scottish artist he loved twenty-five or thirty years ago, or making the links between old folk and new artists blew his mind. That sort of identity in music’s important, i think.



Frightened Rabbit were my favourite band for a long time. Remember speaking to Scott after a gig one time as a teenager and (naively) asking him about putting them on in my hometown and how it would all work. Even though I was just a stupid little drunk kid he took the time to talk to me about it and even offered to do a solo gig cause it’s be easier to organise and cheaper to put on. At the time he was my hero and it was so amazing to be able to chat so freely to someone that I had such respect for.

I never did get round to putting that (or any) gig on and eventually they got to be far too big to play some backwater joint in fife but every time I spoke to Scott he was super friendly and even remembered me a couple of times afterward. Met him and Aidan Moffat after the Twilight Sad played the Barras and he even bought me a pint and joked about me being that “cunt that has been gong on about putting on a gig in fife for the last 5 year”

Fucking lovely man and I will miss him and his music greatly.


i know the writer and he is donating his fee to MIND charity, fwiw


Oh no slant on the writer - he didn’t hit publish on the piece - just thought it a bit early for the Guardian to make that live before the news seemed to have been officially confirmed.


yeah that’s fair



Fuck, shouldn’t have read that in work. Had to take a moment - what a beautiful memory


It was a bit premature imo, but it’s a grey area. I worked in regional newspapers for more than a decade and we’d always wait for the ‘official’ identification before asking family members if they would like to say anything - just because that seems the most proper thing to do. The national press though are usually more eager to be seen to be the first to get something online.


my only story to add (which maybe I’ve recalled to you before?) was that he came into the shop once and we had a chat about how good the upcoming HAVEN festival was looking


The tribute from Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol thats shown on the Pitchfork article is beautiful.