RIP Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)


I wonder what will happen with the mini festival FR were putting on in Glasgow with Hookworms, Martha and others.

Would be great if they could somehow turn it into a benefit type thing for a mental health charity, but all too raw for anyone to be looking ahead I’m sure.


That’s a great idea. Already got tickets for it and if it does go ahead, it should absolutely be a celebration of Scott. Hopefully it’ll continue to be an annual event as planned in memory of him, serving as a fundraiser for mental health charities to help other souls that find themselves in dark places.



I’d imagine MJ from Hookworms would be very into that idea…


this was supposed to be in reply to @JaguarPirate - this foundation immediately springs to mind if they’re even still goin.

(also this song is very good)


A few words. More when I can find a way to process this.


Just another example of him being an amazing human.


I’ve been listening to Midnight Organ Fight quite a lot recently, just because it’s a bit of a comfort blanket album when I’m stressed. Was listening to it on Wednesday when I first read about all this, but don’t know if I can go back to it any time soon. All of the tributes that I’ve read (in this thread/elsewhere) have been beautiful.



Pretty much the same for me with it being an album I go to when I’m low and stressed, which is far too often lately.

I hadnt seen them for years as I don’t go to many gigs anymore. But the first time I saw them at the Brixton Windmill was memorable and he seemed such a lovely person.

Struggled to comprehend this over the last few days, RIP.


Just remembered this NMH cover


Might actually have been my introduction to this song


I started a new job today and apparently it’s somewhere that Scott and Grant would come and hang out fairly regularly, played his music all day as a tribute and I’m glad it was so busy because it meant that I didn’t have time to be upset about it but made me realise what a tremendous songwriter and lyricist he was. I can’t stop thinking about it, feel so bad for all his friends and family.


I was thinking of posting this, absolutely sticks with me as much as the original.


Fuck, that was hard to listen to right now though.


Midnight Organ Fight came out when I was 13. I think I bought it after listening to a preview on iTunes and had a voucher to spend or something.

At that age I was listening to stuff I thought I should be listening to - stuff the NME considered the greatest albums ever, etc. But I fell in love with Frightened Rabbit instantly. They especially resonated with me because the lyrics felt so personal, and seemed to be the antithesis to the indie lad music at the time. It was joyous and deeply sad simultaneously, and I don’t think there had been a band that really articulated that in a way that had connected with me before. Because they were so personal, it felt like they were close to you. Without wanting to be too saccharine, but because I had discovered them independently, and because the lyricism is so open, it truly felt like you knew and had a friend in Scott.

I’m devastated today. He had such a profound impact on my childhood through one record and I will miss him greatly. I can’t even begin to imagine what those who knew him and were loved ones must be going through.


Totally agree, and the video to Head Rolls Off sums that feeling up I always thought…

Absolutely gutted at this news, one of my all time favourite artists, so sad. The Winter Of Mixed Drinks was released the same week as my first kid was born, and soundtracked a couple of weeks of emotional trips back and forth to the special care baby unit, they’ll always be a special band for me.


Very sad news :frowning: …Mastersystem’s album was an excellent swansong…just way, way too soon…from what I’ve been reading above a lovely guy who was much loved and will be much missed…


Struggled to watch this video


forgot how much i enjoyed this video. it’s slightly cheering to look back on them having fun after a day of unavoidably listening out for all the most devastating lyrics.