RIP Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)


Would be a struggle to think of music and lyrics that have had more of a genuine impact on me in the last decade. Was always a genuinely funny and warm presence at shows, just seemed like a good dude.

What a shitty unrecoverable situation to go though for his family and friends. Bandmates too, their livelihoods gone overnight. In his brother’s case, both. Awful.

We all should be a lot kinder to ourselves and each other. Fuck the bullshit male pride bollocks. Reach out if you’re ever struggling, yeah? Same for me and everyone.


I think the way in which he was forthright when it came to taking weakness head on made him feel invincible. Someone with that deep an understanding of their fears and anxieties just comes off as extraordinarily emotionally intelligent, and someone unafraid to articulate those worries and flaws so well lyrically just seemed so capable of winning. I hate that he was up against such tumult and shade internally.


I’ve managed to bring myself to listen to Frightened Rabbit and am working my way through their discography. It’s somewhat alarming to hear how much he mentions death and mortality but then you also realise that exactly what made you connect with it in the first place.


I, like many others i’m sure, am really struggling to come to terms with the fact his tragic death is now intrinsically linked to one of my favourite songs off of one of my favourite albums of all time. Given me so much joy over the years. It’s a real headf**k.


This made me smile…


Yeah ok, it’s Frank Turner, but this is still quite touching


they did it together last year at the same event :frowning:

edit: oh it’s got the preamble where he mentions that apols


Nice touch by ‘Sportscene’ on BBC Scotland on Sunday…they played ‘Living in Colour’ at the end of the show over highlights of the Scottish Football season.


Been lurking here the last few days as I knew there would be people feeling like I do - sorry I’ve not chipped in but this has been an antidote to reports by journalists for whom this was just ‘news’. Thanks though.


I never realised that the death of someone who isn’t close could hit me so hard, like a sucker punch to the gut. I just can’t stop thinking about him. I guess that was his lyrical talent, poetically exposing his soul to the listener and we’ve been rooting for him for 10+ years now.

It seemed to come when I was deep in a Frightened Rabbit bubble too, still repeat playing MOF and recently seeing Mastersystem live. I’m now so glad I briefly met Scott after that show.

Hopefully it gets easier to listen to his music in time. I’m having to be very selective at the moment, but there’s no other artists I want to listen to right now. I’m very grateful that he was such a prolific and constantly brilliant songwriter, there are a lot of b-sides and a couple of EPs that I’ll be revisiting. He certainly made changes to earth in his lifetime and I don’t think that’s going to stop.


Yep - I’m normally pretty distanced from that stuff I listen to, but I had to limit the songs on Friday to the ones about love and religion.


I’ve been playing ‘Living In Colour’ a lot the last few days. It was never one of my favourites, but it seems like such a joyous celebration of life at the moment.


hadn’t thought about it before but sounds like maybe a deliberate response to The Greys


Keep coming across articles sharing stories of Scott being a genuinely sound human being.


Yeah, i think you are right. There is also a reference to ‘Poke’ in the lyrics…
‘She poked the iris, then she pierced a hole
and watched the colour rush forth’


i really like those little threads running through songs from various albums, like he always said live that I Feel Better was a sort of sequel to Snake plus it mentions “I’ll stow away my greys” in the lyrics.

And then The Oil Slick’s reference to Swim Until You Can’t Sea Land - “Took to the ocean in a boat this time, only an idiot would swim through the shit I write”

i always like lyricists who create their own little self-referential world, was something i liked a lot about Mark E Smith too, and the way Nick Cave seems to revisit the same characters a lot


ah that’s lovely


That is another really nice tribute. I wrote one at the weekend myself which I pretty much never do but this felt different.


For clarity - I’m not referring to mine as “another really nice tribute!”, but the one hanshotfirst posted from Village voice.


i just read this entire thread in one go

had seen the news but hadn’t processed it at all (therefore reading this entire thread after catching up with the past 70 posts or so in the mental health thread was pretty fucking heavy)

what a wonderful man he was RIP