RIP Scott Walker

Gutted. One of my heroes.

I see there’s a Music board thread about this already but yknow, screw those guys

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I’m really, really sad that there will be no more from Scott. He’s given us enough, more than enough, but it’s sad that that is now it. Really shocked by this.

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He’s the best


Think this is the saddest I’ve been since Bowie.

Once I leant Scott 4 to a mate, and when he gave it back he said that he didn’t like it because he didn’t like Scott Walker’s voice.

I mean I’m pretty liberal with other peoples opinions. But…


Did feel like there was maybe a new record on the horizon, gutting.

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Yeah, kinda felt like one should’ve been on the way. tbh I didn’t especially like the Sunn O))) one or Bish Bosch but I always liked the fact he was still there, doing what he does. Which no-one else really came close to doing. RIP buddy.

pretty gutted about this

^ best christmas song

Damn :frowning: I was listening to The Drift just 2 hours ago. Really weird coincidence and terribly sad news.

think i included farmer in the city last time we did an arbritrary top 10 tracks of all time on here

really stunning and perfect bit of music

The bassline on Hero of the War :heart_eyes:

A rare example of Showman Scott.

This is one I can believe.

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gutted :frowning: