RIP Sir Roger Moore




Very sad. RIP Rog


Man. :frowning:


He always seemed like a genuinely lovely bloke.


For fuck’s sake mates :cry:


don’t know how to word this without sounding a bit silly but i always feel bad for famous people who die on huge news days



sat next to his table in a turkish restaurant once. did a bit of eavesdropping and he sounded like a top bloke.


:cry: seemed like a really lovely chap


Always found him witty and self-effacing.


Oh :cry:

I loved when he was on the Adam & Joe radio show. I want to listen to that again now.


Ah, that’s a shame. Always seemed very likeable and never took himself too seriously.
RIP, Sir Roger.


was always great value on talk shows like Parkinson

I grew up with the RM bond films - used to love all the humour. Remember laughing hard at this in Banbury cinema with my grandparents


Hullo, Alan


Sad news.

Definitely the best Bond in my opinion. Not a widely accepted view but one I stand by.


I think he probably made Bond his own more than any other actor. Lots of very enjoyable films.


Agreed. My favourite Bond. RIP in Peace Roger :cry:


I just think Bond was best with a sense of humour. That nice line of 70s smut in there. Wasn’t the best actor who’d played Bond but he was actor that played Bond best if you ask me.

I remember he did that Tesco Christmas advert with Julie Walters a few years back where there was some convoluted Bond theme going on. Involved Moore skiing down a slope and uttering “a nice bird and a good stuffing”. And I just thought - man he’s still got it. He’s still got it.



aw man, my dad will be gutted. spent countless hours watching The Saint with him when I was little. he drove my mum to Wimbledon last year to go see him talk in a theatre there - she hated it but I’m glad she agreed to go with him as he absolutely loved it and got a signed book. better give him a call.

RIP Roger



RIP. I always liked his portrayal of Bond, even though the films he was given were a bit all over the place.