RIP Slayer (1981-2018)

maybe probably 2/3 good albums yeah?

When it said “Lamb of God, Anthrax, Testament, more to join”, I initially thought metal was going on strike or something


please god no - have you forgotten the Psychobilly work to rule of 1982?

quite very dodgy aren’t they

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aye, some massive choons though


remember when they had beeves with Sepultura because they “copied their sound”?

haha no?!

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I can’t find much evidence of it now. it also might have been because Max accused Slayer of attracting nazis and suchlike. idk.

Should have packed it in after Seasons In The Abyss.


\m/ fuck yes \m/


lame music for edgelords. Ooooo death and murder very cool boys well done.

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i guess this goes for most metal, there must be some that isnt about how cool murder is or voyeuristically looking at atrocities but I don’t know any

yeah, they were very good albums though

Actually there’s tool but that’s a totally different set of problems.

oooh edgelord opinions about metal oooh


not really though is it

would be nice to hear about a metal band that was nice and did good things or had some kind of sensitivity, from a casual perspective there’s what

metallica - terrible narcissists republicans right?
slayer - sounds like they have fascist connotations beyond just singing about murder and death
iron maiden - big old Tories
I forget the name but that famous Norwegian one where they literally murdered people and burned churches.
tool - pretentious and arrogant, seems to remember some homophobia in their lyrics

maybe Deftones? Some decent people seem to like them.

I’m sure there’s some nice people who play metal but seems really full of bag eggs

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maybe that’s because you haven’t paid any attention to metal?


aren’t those literally the biggest metal bands though?

That run from Reign In Blood through South Of Heaven to Seasons In The Abyss is impeccable. I have a real soft spot for the first two albums and the Haunting The Chapel EP. Decade Of Aggression is a brilliant listen too. They lost it after Lombardo left the first time around.