RIP Soundcloud?

52 Million loss
maybe an aquisition
the start of the end

Seem to recall @BodyInTheThames had misgivings about staying with them when the majors took a small stake? They changed the T&Cs?

Anyway, this is sad but this is the problem with the entirely free model we’re running around this right now :frowning:

What happened with all this in the end? Feels like every few months Soundcloud is about to die, but then doesn’t.

Hope it does to be honest, clear tge way for something better

What improvements do you have in mind? It seems pretty decent to me.

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I just seems fairly broken, always showing month old notifications, plaugued with spam accounts, faulty stats (though it does seem to give me advanced stats for free so shouldn’t complain), can’t even go on their site without it trying to install their bad app.

Think it has lost its focus, ‘Soundcloud go’ seems to want a bit of the spotify market. Think they should focus on their core users, diy musicians, useful things like the community element, groups feature removed. Just seems a lot less than it could be


Soundcloud pay pretty much the worst royalty rates to artists out of all the streaming services, it’s even worse than YouTube.

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quite an outdated layout compared to bandcamp isn’t it. it’s the old DiS of music streaming formats


I’d rather use it than a Streaming Service than doesn’t give the artist a penny.

thought soundcloud is the worst for this?


Mafia front etc

Bandcamp is so good

How is bandcamp not a household name


Ah yeah fair enough. I think I’ve never seen it as a serious music site I suppose. If I had a release I’d use Bandcamp whereas if I wanted to store some audio for general purposes or put up a preview of a release I’d just use Soundcloud, and for that it seems to work. Reminds me a lot of the old MySpace days for music when it had a sense of experimentation.

My only big issues are how much XXXXX spam there seems to be on there and that strange thing where a track finishes playing and it just picks something completely random to follow it up with.

Is it not? That seems weird to me. I’ve even bought a number of releases on there I’d consider ‘major’ e.g. an album by Marnie Stern, although the labels only seem to have those up for a short period so I guess it’s about margins from other sites or something.

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More like Soundclod! Am I right