RIP Terry Jones

Bless him :frowning:


Oh no

Second Python to draw his terminal breath, so to speak.

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This is sad :pensive: I liked Terry.

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Sad news indeed. He’s made me laugh so many times over the years :cry:

Everybody go and watch the Ripping Yarns episode ‘Tomkinson’s Schooldays’. As funny a half-hour of TV as I’ve ever watched.


I am sad about this. Seemed like a lovely man.

He already had quite advanced dementia when he got a Lifetime BAFTA in 2016. If this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, nothing will

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Only one good Python left

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The best episode.
Michael Palin is a god of comedy.


oh man :broken_heart:

dunno what to say. just really, really sad.

which one? Gilliam?

what bad stuff have Palin and Idle done?



I didn’t think it was, but I couldn’t remember what he’d done!

like, I need updating on the non-Cleese ones.

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he identifies as an attack helicopter and all that. bottom of the barrel old man shit.

oh fuck, that’s the one. :face_vomiting:

so: Idle or Palin?

dunno, really like both of them and have no interest in hearing bad words against them.

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