RIP Terry Jones

yes same.

Jones, Idle and Palin were always my top 3 Pythons.

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why does this always happen ? people post to remember how amazing someone was and it turns into yeah but don’t forget his mate was a cunt. FFS.


don’t worry about it

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I didn’t realise Terry Jones directed Life Of Brian, always assumed it was Gilliam. For that alone he earns my eternal respect. I remember watching that film aged 13 (it was an AA cert - I looked 14) and it changing the way I looked at comedy.

RIP Terry


I’m not worried thanks. It’s annoying.

think moaning about other people’s posts is annoying myself

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thanks for letting me know

I agree with Richie here.

Let’s all enjoy the nice man and his good work.


Good Gen X nostalgia

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Also pleased that I remembered that AA had a 14yo min age rather than the 15 cert that replaced it :sunglasses:


Definitely harder to enforce than 15. I remember unsuccessfully trying to get in to see AA certificate Tarzan the Ape Man (with Bo Derek) at the Odeon in Leigh when I was under 14.

what the actual fuck ? that hard to believe I’ve made a point that someone else might agree with ?

that was a joke mate. i was joking around. obviously im fine with people reminiscing about terry jones.

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cool, sorry. :+1:

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RIP great man

Always loved this one, so silly and ridiculous

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