RIP The Orderly Queue

Not sure I can handle all this pain rn. Barely even made 50 posts - cut down in its prime.


Can this thread be in slow mode please?

Shout out to The Orderly Queue’s family

Mad respect to this morning’s mourning mourning massive

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Just waded into the covid thread and discovered this is a real (although entirely ineffectual?) thing and not just a joke for these threads.

Ok I get how it works now, “Please wait 10 minutes between posts in this topic” is confusing wording. Something like “Users can’t post twice within 10 minutes in this topic” makes more sense.

Obviously extending the life of this Rubbish thread is the last thing I want to do but I thought you should all know my realisations and thoughts about Slow Mode.

If @wikihock replies saying this is “Sickening disrespect” I’d just point out that they imperiled the thread by making it Rubbish in the first place.

Sickening disrespect

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Whatever. That last one wasn’t the Thread Lifespan Test, and neither will this be.

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