RIP Thierry Mugler

One for the fashion fans.

I admit I don’t know much, if anything, about him as a person. But his work was a big big influence on me growing up. The first time I heard of him was the Too Funky music video, I’d never seen fashion like it.

30-odd years on from his massive shows and the clothes are still being paid homage to by popstars and drag artists. And they still look out of this world imo. Fashion Can Drag has done a great round up on Instagram:

This tweet says it best:


I feel bad now for not doing a post about André Leon Talley, who passed away last week. He was a bit more niche - unless you watch ANTM - because he was high up at Condè Nast rather than a designer in his own right, but to me he just embodied the word ‘fabulous’. He was the first black person to really make it in the fashion industry and while there’s not a huge amount one person could do to change such a toxic culture, it was definitely better when he was around.

Wafting around, unapologetically chubby, in cloaks and caftans being incredibly decadent sounds like a great life tbh tbf.

I love this story from an awesome plus size designer on meeting him:

Can’t believe we’ve lost them both within a week.


Uff, Mugler passing away is a huge loss… I got into him through the perfume side of his career (and have probably been through enough bottles of A* Men to re-tyre a car) but he was an absolute icon, both through his work and his own personal and physical reinvention.

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Fuck i didn’t see that ALT had passed - what a great character (and judge) :frowning:

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I know, devastating :pensive: