RIP Tom Petty

That’s really sad news. His super bowl show a few years ago was great. So many anthems


oh no, RIP. what a legend

He soundtracks many a car journey as a kid. This is very sad news.


what a horrible day.

i love a fair share of tom petty music and havent really talked about him much on DiS I dont think. Free Fallin is one of the first songs I can remember shouting at the top of my lungs with the whole family. so many belters.

I still maintain Wildflowers is a masterpiece.

Time to Move On seems appropriate:

Crawling Back to You is his most beautiful song

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Grown to really love some of his stuff in the last couple of years. How sad :frowning:

Full Moon Fever was a regular album on in my house while I was growing up. This is sad news.

Saw him at hyde park this year with Stevie Nicks and he still had it. RIP


This is such rubbish news. Absolutely love ripping through American Girl with my band. RIP Tom.

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that song is such a fucking tune


Traveling wilburys wrote some fucking great songs. Sad news :frowning:

Only two of them left now :frowning:

Christ :weary:

I had a ticket for Goldfrapp at Somerset House already booked. I was thinking of leaving it for Tom Petty. I didn’t. I’ll regret it for ages.

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Apparently reports of his death were premature? Though he is critically ill:

Extremely sad. Major Petty fan, first concert I ever saw was Tom and the Heartbreakers at the New Haven Coliseum on the Dogs With Wings Tour. Jayhawks opened, great show. “Wildflowers” Top 5 albums of the 90’s imo. Great artist, great performer will be sorely missed.


Had the chance to go to that and passed :slightly_frowning_face:

Me too. Like a twat.

perfect half time americana


He was just great, wasn’t he? A true bard has been lost.