Rip Torn


His best role was as Tom Greens dad in Freddy Got Fingered and he sounded like an arsehole.



Great in everything i ever saw him in, especially larry sanders. Not read any obits yet but have read a few stories over the years, sounds like a bit of a handful.

Torn is dead? Ah, I see.

Great, great name, and I liked him in stuff.

I actually wasn’t being a dick when I said I thought his best role was Freddy Got Fingered, I genuinely love that movie.

Amazing in Larry Sanders. And in Dodgeball.

Euripides Torn, you pay for dese Torn

thoughts with his family

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He was amazing as Artie in The Larry Sanders Show and i’ll raise a Salty Dog to him tonight!

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Torn was supposed to play the Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider but he and Dennis Hopper got into a knife fight at a restaurant and he was kicked off the production. Wild times.


I thought he was in the Wild One playing the leader of the Beetles gang and thought it was strange the obits weren’t mentioning it

Turned out it was Lee Marvin

Yes but was he down to earth and VERY funny?

I’m assuming this brilliant joke by one of the funniest as most attractive DiSers isn’t hoovering up the likes because no one is clicking through,

Guessing so.

If someone people actually liked linked to it it would have been viewed by all I’m sure. Sorry man, it’s a great post.

Cheers man. I think that thread may have been my DiS comedy peak. And it was nearly ten years ago.

I think I need a lie down.

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