RIP Tuxedo Royale

Looks like it might finally be the end of the line for the stinking, leaning shit tip.

Both the Tuxedo Princess and Tuxedo Royale were moored in Gateshead while I was up there. I went twice to the Princess in my first year at university, in my small town sheltered naivety. Never again. It was a terrible place, weirdly beloved of entertainment-starved Durham students, who presumably didn’t fancy the weekly trip to an old industrial site in Middlesbrough when it pitched up there instead.

Anyone else go on board?

It was a proper celebrity haunt back in the day:

While moored in the Tyne, the Tuxedo Princess was host to several famous people including the Crown Prince of Denmark, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, actor Kevin Costner, DJ Noel Edmonds, comedian Freddie Starr, singers Mick Hucknall, Rick Astley, Nik Kershaw and Jason Donovan, pop group Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the cast of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, athlete Daley Thompson, cricketer Ian Botham, footballers Kevin Keegan and Paul Gascoigne, and snooker player Steve Davis.[1][2] She also played a role in the lives of famous Geordie people. Singer Cheryl originally worked on the Tuxedo Princess before becoming a singer, while actor Tim Healy proposed to his future wife Denise Welch on board the club.

Jesus the old tux, that was a place to avoid like fuck when it was up here. Went a couple of times with friends who were DJs and then i really appreciated why it was a place to avoid.

I had a couple of good nights in there when it was a Monday and I was too pissed to get in anywhere else on the Quayside.

This one has really hit me, loved his first album

Many many times. Awful awful times.