RIP Uncategorized board


Theo’s gone Ash on us!


He’s moved all my brilliant threads to the Rubbish board. Why I oughta…:rage:


First they took the Lounge Board - I said nothing because I didn’t use the Lounge Board
Next they took the Uncategorized Board - I said nothing because etc


Theo, you’ve gone too far!



I moved some threads to Social, The Classifieds, Music, etc. based on their content. But a lot went to ‘Rubbish’ it’s true.

Any in there with more than 24 hours inactivity will be locked, I think.


But my Hallo Spaceboy poll Theo, surely that’s prime social board material?


I don’t recall this. Link me to it and I’ll reconsider.


You know who to blame:



Made my feeling pretty clear there:




My Tiger Crew thread doesnt make sense now


Where’s the squidpan thread? Can’t see it in Rubbish.


TC are going to be DISPLEASED !!


Seems I moved it to Social?


Won’t this lead to loads of spam threads on the Social and Music boar… ah, too late.


no problem, theo will simply delete anything that doesn’t pass muster


fucking hell.

the day after brexit too!

What next?!?


Nerds with power is a dangerous thing.