RIP Ursula Le Guin


RIP. the lathe of heaven was huge for me as a young reader.

Because I am an idiot I have still only read The Left Hand of Darkness, but I love that book (the detail and weight of the polar scenes :heart:)

Oh man :frowning:

The dispossessed is easily my favourite piece of fiction. Thanks Ursula for making feelings I had about economics, equality and gender make sense.


I think it says something that no two people in this thread have mentioned the same book yet.


i tried reading earthsea but figured i’d probably left it a bit late in life to get into it. any fans? should i persevere?

Only read A Wizard of Earthsea but I loved it. The sheer quality shone through. Really have to post this picture of the cover. I think it’s a beauty.


I think I read a couple chapters and it did seem a bit YA/harry potter but the description of the world was amazing

I would definitely go for her sci-fi stuff over her fantasy. The Dispossessed (my fav) or the Left Hand of Darkness being the obvious choices. Earthsea is a bit YA plus has additional issues with feeling more dated (i.e. it is omniscient 3rd person (i think, something weird anyway)).

Is the first famous person’s death I can think of who properly bumbed me out, and I am 31. Great author, who also seemed to be a genuinely awesome person.

Please David Attenborough never die.

aw man :frowning:
just got into her these last couple of years really, Lathe of Heaven & Left Hand of Darkness are both wonderful and she seemed like an all round great person. got the first Earthsea book for 50p the other day

A bit harsh given that Rowling was 3 when Wizard of Earthsea was published.

Might read the Quartet again. Even the incredibly bleak fourth one.

ahh very sad. Memories of her novels and Asimov on my dads shelf when i was a lad. Enjoyed Earthsea Quartet, and more recently read The Lathe of Heaven which was great.

Sad news indeed. RiP

There’s a fifth one now. Well, fifteen years ago!

Very sad news though.

My best friend at school used to go on about the Earthsea books. So now they’re on my list although at the moment I’m struggling a little through The Once and Future King as it was one her family also loved. (This is sort of coincidental - my best friend from school is not dead or anything.)

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