RIP Vangelis


Obviously there’s all the film soundtrack work, but Aphrodite’s Child were great too, 666 turns 50 this year


Aw man, my dad playing one of the compilations is one of the main musical memories of my youth.

Has any film had a soundtrack so completely perfectly suited as Blade Runner?




ahhh man, what a legend. Blade Runner soundtrack on vinyl is still a very prized possession of mine.

RIP. Blade Runner is not only one of my favourite soundtracks, but one of my favourite albums ever

Aw, sad news.
Used to love his stuff back when I was kid. Started with Jon & Vangelis and then discovered loads of his older stuff - Heaven & Hell, Cosmos were particular favourites, and Chariots Of Fire is obviously iconic. Still listen on occasion.
I always chuckle at a story (perhaps true, and I think I’m remembering it right) that Mark Radcliffe told about Vangelis arriving at BBC reception one evening in advance of an appearance on TV/radio. He turned up in massive fur coat with a stunning woman on each arm and the commissionaire asked who he was before phoning the person who he was visiting, telling them that there was a ‘fella called Stan Geddes’ waiting for them in reception.


If ever there was the perfect combination of music and film, this is it

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Absolutely, the music just fits all of the visuals perfectly

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Have to say I actually thought he had passed a long time ago but still very sad news. What an absolute legend.

Blade Runner is my all time favourite film and the soundtrack is such a huge part of that. I know it’s the job of a composer to find a match of music for the images but i’m not sure i can think of another film where that is achieved so perfectly.

Blade Runner blues is a favourite but i particularly love Memory of Green, the piano is so… hazy to me for lack of a better word

Huge influence to a lot of Electronic musicians and composers. Sure El-P and Flying Lotus owe a huge dept of gratitude in particular.

Yeah. Sad. RIP.

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Well that’s devastating. His Blade Runner soundtrack is obviously one of the all time greats. Probably my favourite movie OST. I’ve listened to some of his other albums too, and while it can be a mixed bag, there is some gold out there besides the obvious stuff.

Here is a sublimely serene cut from the album Oceanic. Eight minutes of pure bliss.


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Not much to add apart from what other people have said. But the Blade Runner soundtrack is probably one the best of all time. I know he won for Chariots of Fire (which is also a great soundtrack) a couple of years earlier, but the fact that he wasn’t even nominated for Blade Runner is an obvious oversight, but then that whole movie got mostly ignored at the time.

Absolutely sucks that the two main players of the Tears in Rain scene (by which I mean Hauer and Vangelis) have left us in the last few years.

Since no-one has posted it yet, here’s the main theme from Chariots of Fire, which is an absolute banger, regardless of how many times I’ve heard it in parodies etc. Love the fact that he takes a big old drag on a cigarette at the beginning of this.


RIP to Demis Roussos’s previously less famous mate. Lots of love for 666, but I really didn’t like it much. But I do love this track from a few years earlier…

You bugger, i was just about to post this.

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This was my first thought when I read the name Vangelis :sweat_smile:

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Soundtracks he composed for a friend’s surgery training videos (!):

Joined one of these music league things and nominated Love Theme for the saxophone round. Came 2nd to last out of 25 people :cry:

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