RIP Vaughan Oliver

Anyone have any particular favourite images?

This and all the attendant artwork (inner sleeve/inlay etc) from the Cocteaus’ cd and cassette of Head Over Heels / Sunburst and Snowblind was always a fave. Basically seems to be a series of flowers crushed into snow.

All the early Lush EPs, and Pixies obviously. The way he managed to make things look abrasive and ethereal at the same time was amazing. Probably my biggest influence in terms of typography

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I’ve seen quite a bit of stuff recently using those Emigre typefaces from the early 90s. Feels like it’s coming back to what got me into design in the first place

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Nice Pinterest page with some of his stuff here…

Like David Carson, I like when he mixed very rough and organic looking stuff, with very simple type to add a touch of polish. Copied it endlessly, and that style still really works for me.


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F**k it. I know I’m being one of those people, but just ordered this.




I’m going to correct myself here. It was a Simon Larbalestier exhibition, not a Vaughn Oliver one.


Actually, they cancelled my order. But, they’re doing another edition with some money being donated to St Georges hospital.


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