RiSe oF tHE mACHinES


Carney banging on vaguely about Robots replacing lots of jobs (bit reckless mate!)
Amazon bringing out that weird new, cashierless store
McDonalds in America dumping loads of employees as soon as the minimum wage came in and replacing them with ROBOTS

Apparently accoutants could become EXTINCT! At least the ROBOTS would have better banter, amirite LADS/ROBOTS?

Think this is one of the greatest threats WE face…maybe?

Could a machine do your job? Do you like robots? robotsrobotsrobotsrobots




just got tickets to see Kraftwerk in June

bring on the robots I say


A robot couldn’t do my job. Interestingly (“interestingly”) some people are looking into using machine learning to automate the drafting of patents and generating prior art, but I don’t think those people understand how the applicable law works.

And if you thought that bit was boring, wait until I get started on how the premise behind the Netrunner setting is about the labour crisis brought about by robots (and/or clones) replacing human labour! You see…


Some aspects of my job could be automated but nowhere near enough to make me obsolete.


I have a useful reference book for you, it’s not the most recent edition, but I’m sure it will be fine for your purposes (That robot on the cover can certainly use this website- who is it?):


Maid. Without Tears.


Universal basic income and feet up asap please


The problem with human maids is that they cry too much when you mistreat them. Robots will solve all our problems.


Realised I missed a page:

The book also tries to convince you on another page that ROBOTS ARE EVERYWHERE ALREADY (in 1979). In your washing machine. In your calculator. In your traffic lights. EVERYWHERE.


Alright, Michael Crichton.

(this is a Westworld reference. I’m taking the risk of coming off as being patronising by explaining this because I don’t want anybody to think that I think Jurassic Park is about robot dinosaurs)



My job is robot proof.

Drivers could probably be swapped for robots at some point though. My job might then become some sort of Euro Truck Simulator/Football Manager mashup.


is this one of those current crop of spoof ladybird books?


Business Analyst could go either way really. Could end up translating human to robot or the robots might know better than humans


No it’s a book I’ve had since I was a kid, that I got as a set as a hand me down from my cousins, and scanned a couple of years ago. The others are long gone to the charity shop as they were standard kids books, not deeply weird.


some wildly optomistic answers in this thread - such hubris.

all jobs can and will be automated - or deemed unnecessary - within the next 5 years at an absolute maximum




Yeah that’s true, I automate stuff though so might be the last to go. I’m quitting as soon as they just start handing out money though


But anyway, we are probably robots anyway, you not seen Westworld?

Feel sorry for you guys with shit back stories but that is (robot) life.