Risen From The Dead - The Rolling Horror Thread 2019

Watched last night, Midsommar…

Was definitely not going to miss this at the cinema and glad I made the effort. Firstly, it looks and sounds incredible - the attention to the design of everything is amazing and Haxan Cloak absolutely nails the sense of impending doom with the score. This shares a lot of themes with Hereditary, but manages to still be its own thing. Obviously any folk horror is going to be in debt to The Wicker Man, and this is certainly the case here, but Midsommar still stands on its own two feet. Surprisingly numerous moments of black comedy too. The cast are all great, but in particular Florence Pugh who conveys such varied emotion in every scene. Interesting that they opted for a primarily British/Irish cast even for the American characters - I wonder if this, along with Hungary standing in for Sweden, was to enable them to max out the budget. If so, it looks like every dollar ended up on screen. Certainly leisurely at two and a half hours. Did it need to be that long? Maybe not, but the whole thing is such a trip (arf) that I didn’t begrudge it. That said, despite being so dreamy for much of its runtime there are some moments that are genuinely difficult to watch. Overall, loved it. 9/10


Director’s cut with an extra 30 mins footage? Not sure tbh tbf…

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This looks like an interesting watch.

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That’s a lovely poster

Given the quality and range of images used in the film, the main poster they’ve been using is annoyingly rubbish…

Spare night in London next week and the BFI are showing this (which I have not heard of but sounds like a treat)

@SloameOcean talks about this and the sequel ^upthread :+1: