Risen From The Dead - The Rolling Horror Thread 2019


Enjoyed it. It’s a gimmick but it sticks to it and does it well.

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The first one good fun. Looking forward to the no brainer.


Liked this one a lot, and I absolutely loved the last half hour.

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Not quite horror but I enjoyed the film Searching. That was done well. Similar gimmick.


John Cho is the best

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^This. The set up and pay off is just such great film making :smiley:


I did no such thing.


Watched last night, A Dark Song…

Had this recommended to me having not heard of it previously, which is surprising as it is really good so surprised it has flown under my radar. A chamber piece, primarily featuring two protagonists and a single location, this stars Steve Oram (who is good in everything, but particularly here) and the equally good Catherine Walker (who I was unaware of previously). It is super claustrophobic, and fairly disorientating - it’s not clear what is real until the final passages of the film. It is also super, super creepy, with some great simple imagery which I couldn’t take my eyes off, and also brutally unflinching in places. I can see how the ending could be a bit marmitey after the buildup, for which I’m knocking the score down slightly, but this is an absolute undiscovered gem of an addition to recent Anglo/Irish horror. Recommended :+1: . 8/10



This has been on my list of 'been meaning to see’s for a while - glad to hear it’ll be worth the time when I eventually get to it. I’m finally (hopefully) going to see Us on Thursday; have high hopes for that. Watched Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with my son last week; surprisingly enjoyable little film. The presence of Boris Karloff really added to the film and A and C’s antics were often genuinely amusing…

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the fucking music kept messing it up for me.

Like, tonally, it couldn’t make its mind up whether it wanted to be like Stranger Things with the tainted nostalgia and needle-drops or such, or one of yer modern mainstream horror films with the HEY LISTEN TO THESE FUCKING SCARY STRINGS WHEN YA BOI THE CLOWN COMES OUT WOOOOO MATE SHIT YOU UP THAT EH

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One of my favourite bits about this was how it genuinely made switching on an old Windows XP computer feel like stepping into a haunted house. I was really impressed by that.

I was also impressed at how I deduced the twist way in advance. Not in a “oh it was really predictable” way, but in a “MATE, I SHOULD PROBABLY BECOME A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR” sort of way

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I didn’t see the twist coming. Not a gasp type of a twist but it worked well. Good film.


I think that’s what was good about it, it was a nicely constructed mystery unfolding rather than something trying to wrong-foot you on some level

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Worth it :+1:


severely disappointed by Pet Semetary

It looked to be going in a really interesting direction.

The main issue is how rushed everything is after the kid dies. (I wasn’t expecting it to be the older child, so that was a neat twist) The kid comes back, the mother is shocked to see her, and then 5 minutes later she’s stabbing the mother. What the fuck like! I know there’s no real tension to be mined when we know the kid is going to come back a wrong’un but still, that kind of pacing is inexplicable, it must be some studio interference or editing.

A 2 hour film could have been really good, there was some nice ideas there. Also Lithgow absolutely butchers the ‘dead is better’ line, which i was looking forward to more than anything


in fairness, having not read the book - it’s been brought to my attention that it pans out pretty similarly in the book in terms of how much story is left after the kid returns

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book is creepier imo. the implications. picturing the little boy clawing his way out of his second grave and walking through the woods to get back home, at night is fucking horrifying imo

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Faculty of Horror have an excellent installment on the first 3 movies in the Elm Street series. Well worth checking out: http://www.facultyofhorror.com/2019/04/episode-72-sleeper-hit-a-nightmare-on-elm-street-1984-a-nightmare-on-elm-street-2-freddys-revenge-and-a-nightmare-on-elm-street-3-dream-warriors-1987/

Oh, and what are folk’s thoughts on Gaspar Noe’s Climax?

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Anyone else seen ‘Await Further Instructions’ on Netflix? Proper great little British Horror B Movie!

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A couple of reviews from ^upthread…