Risen From The Dead - The Rolling Horror Thread 2019

Thanks. Have watched more horror since i logged on the other day than i have in ages.
Svaha on Netflix hit the mark for me as much as May the Devil Take You. Similar kind of atmosphere as The Wailing, well written, good looking and satisfying story development.
Also watched Ghost Game a Thai film about a reality show set in a real Khymer Rouge prison camp in Cambodia using 11 contestants from a Real ‘Thai Idol’ reality talent show. Got that? Well, not worth your time really. Sorry about that.
The Hills Run Red released in 2005 or so, about some film students who are a bit obsessed with the lost titular horror film, of which only a trailer exists. They track down the location of the film, find one of the stars and, it aint no fiction! Really liked this, it was a cut above most slashers with a meta angle that i bought into.
Pet from a few years back. One of the hobbits is a total loser and kidnaps a fit lass he was a school with and keeps her in a basement. Thankfully it develops its own ideas from there and whilst it never quite makes it as a great film, it at least has enough going on to keep interest going.


Watched on Friday: El ataque de los muertos sin ojos aka The Return of the Evil Dead . This is the second of Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead sequence but was the first that I came across many years ago, back when Redemption was beginning to put out editions of Euro-horror titles like this on VHS with those oh-so distinctive black and white S&M covers. TBH, I seem to recall not loving this when I first saw it – it was all a bit too slow-moving for my tastes and finding out that it was cut after having bought it didn’t help endear me to it. However, I’ve watched it several times over the years and I guess familiarity has more than warmed me to it. If this were to be released today, it would arguably be regarded as a reboot, rather than a sequel as such, as it takes the central premise of the first film, Tombs of the Blind Dead – Templar knights are blinded and then return from the dead hundreds of years later to get their revenge – and goes in a different direction with it. This feels like it owes more to NOTLD than Tombs did, but there’s still lots to enjoy along the way. Heck, and if you want some subtext with your 70s Spanish zombie mayhem, then apparently the Blind Dead can be seen as the spirit of Franco’s regime rising up to destroy the hopes of a new generation. Alternatively, you could just enjoy clothes and hairstyles as pictured below. I call that a win-win!


Watched last night, 68 Kill…

A bit of a kitchen sink affair this, being equal parts True Romance style road movie, exploitation flick, and splatter horror. It’s unsurprisingly something of a mess - the storyline basically just faciliatates the scene changes, the dialogue sounds entirely first draft and I’m not sure what a single character’s motivation was throughout the entire thing (beyond the $68k referenced in the title). That said, it certainly has…something. People get rubbed outed in vivid technicolor, scenery is chewed, the soundtrack is loud and in the end pretty much everyone dies. Also features Sheila Vand (from A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) who is easily the best thing in this - surprised she isn’t doing higher profile stuff tbh. A watchable 6/10



Both the still and the poster for this look awesome :smiley:

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They just don’t make posters like that any more…

I only watched one of the Blind Dead films, most likely the first one, and what I remember putting me off was the most frustrating ‘falling over while running away from monsters’ sequence ever committed to celluloid. In addition, these monsters were blind, and as I recall there was a steam train waiting to whisk the chased away IF THEY GOT UP OFF THE FLOOR. Right put me off watching any more of the series.

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Trailer for Shining II is out…

Looks…ok :unamused:

Read the book earlier this year when I heard that the film was being made by Mike Flanagan - thought it was pretty rubbish. First ‘new’ Stephen King I’d read in a loooong time. Looks like the adaptation might specifically reference the first film a lot more which is fine with me (and presumably will piss SK off no end)…

Yup this^

The book is utter tripe

Watched last night, Marrowbone…

This is by the guy who did The Orphanage and it shares some similarities with its children in a creepy house setting. It is filmed very nicely and the score is good, but the whole thing feels a little…light? There are a couple of sinister bits, but overall it is just not scary. The young mostly British cast, including relative horror veterans Mia Goth (New Cross represent :fist:) and Anya Taylor-Joy, are mostly underused as their characters are very thinly sketched. Plus it relies on a fairly tired trope to tie it all together at the end. Watchable, but it feels like a missed opportunity to do something more memorable. 5/10


Yeah, if the first one didn’t do it for you, you probably don’t need to check out any of the others…



Watched Anna And The Apocalypse tonight (yeah, an Xmas film in June. I just don’t care). Basically High School Musical with zombies, if you’re unaware. I really enjoyed it. You can tell it’s very low budget, and it’s lacking polish but it’s enthusiastic and funny and fun. Would watch again.


Watched last night, Glass…

I absolutely LOVE Unbreakable - possibly my favourite ever superhero film. Split was…ok I guess, but then the final scene curveball that it was set in the same universe as Unbreakable finally justified M Night Shyamalan’s insistence on sticking ridiculous twists into every one of his films. Glass is sadly less than the sum of its parts. In fairness, Sam Jackson’s Mr Glass is the standout here and gets some decent scenes. People wet themselves over James McAvoy in Split, but personally I find the whole multiple personalities device so so tired. Bruce Willis pretty much sleepwalks his way through the whole film. Anya Taylor-Joy is back from Split and gets to do approximately nothing. It is nicely filmed, as all of Shyamalan’s films in fairness, but the plotting and dialogue are for the main absolutely terrible. The insistence to explain the ending is genuinely painful to watch. It’s also waaaaay too long too at over two hours. A frustrating watch. 5/10



I think I’m going to save this for Christmas, but I’ve been dying to see it since I first heard about it. Glad to hear you liked it.

Watched earlier this week, A View from a Hill . This is the first in the BBC’s revived Ghost Story for Christmas and despite what some sources might tell you, this is an extremely creditable return to the formula that proved so successful in the 70s. The last three installments in the original run broke with the tradition of adapting MR James stories, but the BBC decided to revisit his work for this one. Here we find a typically James-ian situation as an archeologist named Fanshawe is invited to a grand old home in the English countryside to catalogue a collection of ancient artefacts. While there, he comes across a pair of binoculars that have the ability to reveal the original pristine condition of a now derelict nearby church – the titular view from a hill. Unfortunately for him, this is not all the binoculars reveal… The makers of this wisely choose to avoid the temptation to go with a more modern feel and even with some fast editing that feels a little out of place, for the most part this sticks to the leisurely pace of the original series, building up atmosphere, making the most of its setting and relying on one or two well-timed scares for its effectiveness. (Although with this being shot on video, it can’t quite achieve the same washed-out atmosphere that gave the originals so much of their potency). The performances are all well done and altogether this was quite a lot better than I’d been expecting it to be. Worth checking out if you’re looking for some chills on a hot summer night…


Saw this at the Edinburgh Film Festival last year (actually probably this exact weekend) - I am not a fan of musicals but I thought it was an absolute hoot, especially late night with a keen audience.

Was a shame it didn’t get a wider release when it properly came out at Christmas but I’m confident it’ll end up a cult hit when a streaming service picks it up.

I saw Split recently

On one level, it’s nice that Shyamalan has found this sort of black comedy groove but there was also the occasional sense of it just being really stupid and borderline offensive but presenting it as if it was being really knowing. I did like it quite a bit, but there was some key element missing that I can’t put my finger on

McAvoy is an absolute joker in it tbf as well, wharra hoot

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have either of you seen Devil? (2010) I think it’s a Shyamalan film more or less. Kind of decent, ended up watching it a second time recently. Some cool scares and imagery

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Yup, I’ve seen it. Thought it was decent :+1:

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Watched Us last night, after having failed spectacularly to see it when it was playing at the cinema. Will probably need to give this a re-watch soon. First impressions: scarier than Get Out at times, and generally very effective, although I can’t help but feel that its cultural commentary is less well-defined than Get Out’s. Some amazing performances and it speaks incredibly highly of all the central actors that it’s only just now occurring to me the lengths they must have gone to to distinguish themselves from their doppelgangers. As for the twist ending, I’ve seen a lot of comments online from folk complaining that they saw it coming – TBH, it occurred to me early on that what happens might be a possibility but it’s to Peele’s credit that by the end of the film, the likelihood of my suspicions being accurate seemed so implausible, that when the final reveal came, it still surprised me. (Although I’m not sure how much I really like this idea – like I say, I think a re-watch might need to happen soon for me to really start having some coherent thoughts about this film.) Also, what a time to be a horror fan: I can’t think of a time in the recent past when we’ve had so many amazing talents working in the genre and making truly impressive, original work: Jordan Peele is obviously a huge talent; I loved Hereditary and can’t wait for Midsommar, and both Robert (The Witch) Eggers and Jennifer (The Babadook) Kent have new films coming out soon that are getting really good initial buzz. What a time to be alive. Would love to hear what you good people made of Us…