Risen From The Dead - The Rolling Horror Thread 2019

Thanks. Have watched more horror since i logged on the other day than i have in ages.
Svaha on Netflix hit the mark for me as much as May the Devil Take You. Similar kind of atmosphere as The Wailing, well written, good looking and satisfying story development.
Also watched Ghost Game a Thai film about a reality show set in a real Khymer Rouge prison camp in Cambodia using 11 contestants from a Real ‘Thai Idol’ reality talent show. Got that? Well, not worth your time really. Sorry about that.
The Hills Run Red released in 2005 or so, about some film students who are a bit obsessed with the lost titular horror film, of which only a trailer exists. They track down the location of the film, find one of the stars and, it aint no fiction! Really liked this, it was a cut above most slashers with a meta angle that i bought into.
Pet from a few years back. One of the hobbits is a total loser and kidnaps a fit lass he was a school with and keeps her in a basement. Thankfully it develops its own ideas from there and whilst it never quite makes it as a great film, it at least has enough going on to keep interest going.


Watched on Friday: El ataque de los muertos sin ojos aka The Return of the Evil Dead . This is the second of Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead sequence but was the first that I came across many years ago, back when Redemption was beginning to put out editions of Euro-horror titles like this on VHS with those oh-so distinctive black and white S&M covers. TBH, I seem to recall not loving this when I first saw it – it was all a bit too slow-moving for my tastes and finding out that it was cut after having bought it didn’t help endear me to it. However, I’ve watched it several times over the years and I guess familiarity has more than warmed me to it. If this were to be released today, it would arguably be regarded as a reboot, rather than a sequel as such, as it takes the central premise of the first film, Tombs of the Blind Dead – Templar knights are blinded and then return from the dead hundreds of years later to get their revenge – and goes in a different direction with it. This feels like it owes more to NOTLD than Tombs did, but there’s still lots to enjoy along the way. Heck, and if you want some subtext with your 70s Spanish zombie mayhem, then apparently the Blind Dead can be seen as the spirit of Franco’s regime rising up to destroy the hopes of a new generation. Alternatively, you could just enjoy clothes and hairstyles as pictured below. I call that a win-win!


Watched last night, 68 Kill…

A bit of a kitchen sink affair this, being equal parts True Romance style road movie, exploitation flick, and splatter horror. It’s unsurprisingly something of a mess - the storyline basically just faciliatates the scene changes, the dialogue sounds entirely first draft and I’m not sure what a single character’s motivation was throughout the entire thing (beyond the $68k referenced in the title). That said, it certainly has…something. People get rubbed outed in vivid technicolor, scenery is chewed, the soundtrack is loud and in the end pretty much everyone dies. Also features Sheila Vand (from A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) who is easily the best thing in this - surprised she isn’t doing higher profile stuff tbh. A watchable 6/10


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Both the still and the poster for this look awesome :smiley:

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They just don’t make posters like that any more…

I only watched one of the Blind Dead films, most likely the first one, and what I remember putting me off was the most frustrating ‘falling over while running away from monsters’ sequence ever committed to celluloid. In addition, these monsters were blind, and as I recall there was a steam train waiting to whisk the chased away IF THEY GOT UP OFF THE FLOOR. Right put me off watching any more of the series.

Trailer for Shining II is out…

Looks…ok :unamused:

Read the book earlier this year when I heard that the film was being made by Mike Flanagan - thought it was pretty rubbish. First ‘new’ Stephen King I’d read in a loooong time. Looks like the adaptation might specifically reference the first film a lot more which is fine with me (and presumably will piss SK off no end)…

Yup this^

The book is utter tripe