Risk Aversion

There’s a nature reserve near our house and it has a main foresty path where people run and cycle and walk dogs and then it has loads of trails and little wooden bridges and streams and pools etc a bit deeper in.

Anyway, my 2yo convinced me to go along one of the trails earlier and it was all great fun eating blackberries and getting attacked by hundreds of butterflies. Then suddenly all I could think about was an e-fit predator jumping out on us and I started running through the trails trying to find the way back to the main path, I was keeping it light so she wouldn’t get scared but i was a bit like ‘omg how do we get out eek’ out loud. Eventually I saw the shot tower on the main path and I couldnt help but be all excited about finding the main bridge. She loved the adventure and as soon as we were out said she wanted to go back in, I was like ‘er we’ll go back in with daddy’.

Don’t think I’ll be able to chill if I go back in again on my own with her which is a shame as it was beautiful. There has been a few stories over the years in the local paper of people having there phones grabbed or women being followed by weirdos but nothing major I don’t think.

Anyway, I want to know if I’m being paranoid, so does anyone else worry about stuff like that? Running in parks early in the morning or late at night, does it ever stop you doing stuff?

Sometimes panic fumbling to open my front door thinking that someone might grab me or try to follow me inside
despite not really even fitting the profile of someone who might be targeted

This has done me a little bit.



Always felt like that when I lived on the Holloway Road.

I don’t understand what this means

I’m really, REALLY confused by this.

Nothing happened did it?

She just became suddenly scared a bad guy was going to leap out of the woods and attack them. Just one of those sudden paranoia things where you can’t rationalise it away, I guess. I’ve not had it happen in woods but sometimes when you’re walking home a certain route at night and you go through areas that strike you as very quiet and dark?

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You actually lived on the road itself?

Of course growing up there I always feel very easy on Holloway Road. Perception is so affected by these sorts of things.

Also I read this as Rick Aversion and I was thinking “who the fuck is Rick Aversion?!”


I think you are being a bit paranoid but if I had a nipper, the most valuable thing in the world to you I maybe the same. Though you could worry about anything really, run back to the safety of your house and find that being burgled for instance, you cant prepare for every eventuality

Stacey Solomon’s new beau.

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On the road itself! 93b above a funky furniture shop, can’t remember the name but it was next door to the Tbilisi restaurant and a bar I also can’t remember the name of

I think it was called little red, as opposed to big red down the other end

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For about a minute I convinced myself that e-fit was some sort of weird type of jogging.

You’re way more likely to be done in by someone you know, so I’d start isolating myself from society first, and start spending more time on lonely paths.

So true

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Your child is 2!!!

It feels like that happened about 6 months ago.


I think he was in Californication.