Risky evening thread

Will someone have made another one by the time I have posted this? Not feeling good about my chances :grimacing:

Edit: got away with it, yes!

How were we all today? How are we all this evening? How will we be tomorrow?

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good evening fl & etc

I have nothing to report

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I was supposed to be running/playing in a penoid tournament in the pub tonight but I absolutely could not be cba’d, so dropped the prizes off and came back home. Quite pleased with that decision.

Evening pal :wave:

Evening’s going alreet so far, got a cake baking away but it means I canny have dinner until it’s done alas. Solved this problem somewhat by eating the remaining cake batter with a wooden spoon obvs but still hungry. Pizza for dinner too :pizza: :money_mouth_face:


I trust you have a notepad to take notes for the assessment which will follow?


Ooh is this at Moth Club? Was tempted to go with the missus but Brexit has put the kibosh on that.

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Alright Monday evening crew

Bit of playtime, bit of dinnertime, bit of bathtime and a bit of bedtime for me so far. Got sausages and mash with onion gravy for dinner. Partridge and a shower on the cards at some point tonight


Got yoga in a little while, feeling quite stiff in places so I’m hopefully it’ll stretch out a few tight spots.


Make sure you post a picture of the cake when you’re done please

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I will if it comes good!

I’ve listened to the new Martha single ‘The Void’ about twenty times in a row. Love when a song makes you do that.

Otherwise nothing to report.


Aye same, I went to see Labyrinth there just after Bowie died, was quite heartwarming.

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Hi up evening crew.

Got the last in series of TWD later so there’s that. Got some work to do in a bit and then might have a few malteaser buttons which are my new favourite.

Missing MC tbh tbf

Just had a veggie sasuage bagel.

Gonna have a pb&j bagel for pudding.

And watching West Wing.

Busy tonight

For me: I have been really itchy as I could only get R to even be semi-agreeable for his haircut by sitting on my lap, so even after a total clothes change I am still finding lots of hairs everywhere. Going to have some lemon cake and read this evening which should be nice enough, though the current stretch of my book is a little on the bleak side. Tomorrow will be standard Tuesdaying most likely.

:heart: Martha

Evening FL, everyone,

I’m still sat at my computer working. I should probably turn it off soon. Dinner wise, I’m breaking protocol - and having a Monday night pizza.

I’ll probably get sucked in to watching rolling Brexit/parliament news for the evening, whilst getting increasingly exasperated about it.

Chai, write, resist eating the Easter egg in the kitchen.

Might see former MME moousee on Wednesday so that’s exciting.

Just submitted my gas and electric meter readings online, though, so it’s not like I’m not doing anything fun with my evening instead.