Ritter Sport

So amazing. Its a pity that the UK branch misses so many of the best flavours for more Brit tastes.

This was my absolute favourite when I lived in Germany.

Yogurt, Honey, and crunchy hazelnuts. Just Lovely. Was my breakfast most days!


Yes I will be having some of that.


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Good shit, aye


Don’t think I’ve ever had any kind of Ritter Sport

Think the name puts me off - what’s sport got to do with chocolate?

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they seem to have added the sport when they moved to a square bar because it fits in your pocket and is more on the go?

(i’m very busy at work, as you can tell)

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it’s a very tenuous conceit Eric

Those crazy europeans

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will pick up a couple whenever I’m in decathers

for doing sport, obviously

Love picking up a bit of Ritter Sport during my regular marathons

I ate 2 ritter sports today on my long bike ride on my carbon forked bicycle

Completely impractical. They melt far too easily for effective pocket use

pop 'em in yer saddle bag then you plum


don’t tell me mate, tell clara ritter!!

[quote]The chocolate square is launched under the name “Ritter’s Sport Chocolate”. Clara Ritter’s proposal to produce a square chocolate bar quickly meets with approval in the family.
“Let’s make a chocolate bar that fits in everyone’s jacket pocket without breaking and weighs the same as a normal long bar.”[/quote]


The dark chocolate marzipan one is vegan :muscle:t3::drooling_face::kissing_closed_eyes:

can’t talk, on the ritter sport

This summer they have released this beaut. Yeah on Nay?

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Really like the mint one and the coffee one.

I get you. They actual quality of the chocolate isnt great. But its such an enormous variety with over 40 permanent flavours alongside loads of limited edition releases. Some are good, most are okay, others are just wrong.

It makes them quite addictive and even the common ones are basically better versions of Dairy Milk.