Rival Consoles - Persona

Deserves its own thread. One listen in and this is sounding amazing. Think it might be his best work yet.

With this, and the new releases by Daniel Avery, Anna Meredith, Mark Pritchard and also upcoming Jon Hopkins, they’re spoiling us right now with all this glacial techno…


Yes it’s great. He seems to hone and distill his sound with each release. Those huge swells of woozy synth and bass tones on a track like Persona for example are just a joy to behold. And the drums are looovely. Driving and groovy but crunchy and skittering all at once.

And for a long album it seems to fly by. The more intimate beatless semi-improv pieces sit really nicely alongside the big sweeping numbers and give it a real ebb and flow. Just seems a very considered LP. Loving it.

This is going into my ears and brain for the first time right now. Exciting.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this. First thoughts were that it’s a little bit “warmer” (if that’s possible) and rhythmically not quite as skittery as the last one. Always hard to form an opinion on an initial listen but I look forward to spinning and absorbing this a lot more throughout the year.

The new stuff I’ve heard from Jon Hopkins I’ve been massively dissapointed with. Rival Consoles however is awesome.

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this is brilliant, can’t believe I haven’t listened to him before, cheers for the heads up. The track Persona is so, so good :+1::+1::+1:

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I’m just catching up with all the releases of interest to me over the last few months…I did enjoy Jon Hopkins (certainly wouldn’t say “massively disappointed”) but it’s almost ambient house comfort food in comparison to the creativity/diversity of this Rival Consoles’ record. A firm favourite for the year already

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