Rival Schools (2023)

London show. 14 year old me is very up for this. 35 year old me also.


Deluxe reissue of United By Fate on the way too. :+1:


So up for this.
But a whole year away!!???!

My second favourite album ever. Wonder what’ll be on the deluxe edition.

"The deluxe edition includes the original album remastered for vinyl, plus every official United by Fate B-side (including “On Vacations” from Atticus: …Dragging the Lake), the songs from their split with Onelinedrawing, and a newly-recorded acoustic version of “Holding Sand,”



Was hoping for a few demo’s but this looks good

Such a good album

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Bought tickets!

Also, why on earth can’t I buy a (legitimate) Rival schools t-shirt anywhere in 2022??!!


Seems to be US only though. Postage is probably ridiculous!

Yep I’m in


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Absolute legend. Tempted to buy two!

That blue and white vinyl is so cool too but out of stock!

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Aye saw that.
Must have flown out.

Really fond memories of seeing them at Reading in 2002? I think. Walter looked to be having the best time on stage.

I saw them at the very start of the last reunion, at the Electric Ballroom, again really fun. Were the two new records up to much?

I got really excited when I saw this posted in the Quicksand thread

I’ve only seen them once, when they were originally touring United By Fate in 2002.

It was at the Camden Underworld. Finch were the support act, and there were approximately 40,000 teenagers squeezed into the Underworld to see them. The young folk cleared out after Finch finished, and only a handful of people stayed on to watch Rival Schools.

It was pure fucking magic.

Having fondly reminisced on this, and having looked at tickets for the London show, I then realised that it’s the same date that I’m going to see Springsteen. FFS.

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They played reading and Leeds festivals in 2002 apparently, but I don’t remember seeing them at all


That’s the one - I was in the Radio 1 tent all that afternoon for Alec Empire (who was, shockingly, kind of a dickhead), Rival Schools and The Cooper Temple Clause.

I definitely saw the Cooper Temple Clause, but I guess I was seeing one of either Andrew WK or The Hives when Rival Schools were playing.

No regrets.

I saw them that year, great lineup on that stage