Riverwise's Top 100 Albums Of All Time!

Rubella Ballet is the worst name for a band I’ve ever heard and I know the bassist from Piss Viper.


They’ve been going for 45 years - I don’t think that they’re up for a rebrand.

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Didn’t say they were, just working in medicine it always makes me flinch when people name their bands after viruses that cause congenital heart disease and brain damage in babies. The kind of edgy that it is very easy to be until you have actually seen it up close.

I mean… I’d still listen to them, it doesn’t bother me that much. Just find it a bit cringe-inducing.

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It wasn’t the worst band name from that era e.g. I remember a band called Child Pornography.
Edit: Take my word for it, don’t try Googling them to verify.


Man, that was a massive album for me for a period growing up. Probably discovered it around 1992, so it was already ‘old’ by then but they felt like a secret society. The Levellers and crusty in general were blowing up, but NMA were like the godfathers that only those properly in the know knew about. Had ^that logo in permanent marker on my canvas bag for sixth form.

They played a secret gig as Raw Melody Men at my local-ish small venue which was probably the most exciting gig I’d ever been to at that point in my life - someone needs to update the setlist ffs.

Still got my ticket somewhere. Saw them one more time on the Love Of Hopeless Causes tour and then they seemed to go quiet for awhile. I moved on to different types of music and guess I assumed they were done. Although I haven’t listened to them for ages, it pleases me that I was completely wrong and that have released a bunch of albums since then and seem to play constantly. Might be time to get back into them :thinking:


Yeah… I mean Steve Albini was in a band called Rapeman I guess. Probably just the medical stuff strikes a particular chord with me, that’s all.

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I think Albini has long-since realised the error of his ways: Steve Albini reflects on the “edgelord shit” he inspired, says naming a band Rapeman was “inexcusable”


I saw a Raw Melody Men gig on that tour, in Derby Wherehouse. It was carnage. They did have a quiet last two thirds of the 90s tbh, only one more album after LOHC, but they’ve put out another eight or nine since the turn of the century. Think they were mired in a bad contract with Sony, and then lots of interpersonal issues in the band as well…

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1. Bruce Springsteen - the orange tape that a guy my dad worked with made me

Home taping is killing music, eh?

It’s 1984. I’m a young kid, still a year or two away from being a teenager. I like pop music. I listen to the top 40 countdown on a Sunday night and watch Top Of The Pops every Thursday. There’s a song by someone named Bruce Springsteen I’m really into. It’s called Dancing In The Dark, and I keep playing back my taped off the radio recording of it. My dad takes note of this, and has a word with a big Springsteen fan he works with, and a day or two later comes home with a tape his workmate has recorded me. It’s all of Born In The USA on one side, and a selection of songs from Born To Run, Darkness, and The River on the other.

On one level it was a simple act of kindness, which is greatly appreciated to this day, but I also suspect that it was born from the same urge I have in myself, a need to evangelise, to share this great thing that you love and hope that other people get it too (case in point: this thread). And boy did it work. This tape was my first exposure to the idea that an artist could have a catalogue and a body of work, that there was a narrative to artistic careers. It put me on a path of being really into music, of it becoming my main hobby and interest, even my career. It was also banger after banger after banger, twenty five songs that were all fantastic.

I’m not going to dwell on the albums themselves here. We all know them, and saying that Thunder Road or My Hometown are great songs is not really accomplishing anything that hasn’t been done fifty thousand times before. The important thing is the effect on my life. It’s not the only factor in my love of music of course, but it was an ignition point, a Big Bang that has led pretty much directly to eg spending much more effort and time than is rational talking about my favourite albums on an internet backwater for other likeminded souls (may god bless you all).

The artifact itself is long gone, lost somewhere in the detritus of a life, but the impact has reverberated down the years since. I can still easily recall it to memory, the orange BASF logo, the handwriting on the J-card, the way he’d written the year of release next to each album heading (catnip for a nascent trainspotter like me). I just need to hear the intro to any of these songs, and it’s all there in my head, my very own madeleine.


And that’s that monkey off my back. Thanks to everyone that has humoured me with this, commented, or given a like. It’s been a long old journey, bit of a slog at times, but overall a lot of fun and it’s given me some good times revisiting some great music. There are records that I feel daft for leaving out, and others that on reflection are too high or too low, but this is how it worked out. Maybe some of the injustices will be remedied in the inevitable deluxe box set tenth anniversary expanded reissue of this thread. Cheers!


This whole thread has been brilliant mate - got introduced to some great new records and really enjoyed reading every single entry - you’re a really gifted writer and you should do loads of it. The way you mix personal experience with the really evocative descriptions of the music is really something



Really enjoyed this thread since it started, thank you for sharing this with us @riverwise


This has been great, really enjoyed the journey with you. :grin:

I’ve my top 50 picked out and will be waiting a while before starting so it doesn’t get compared to this masterwork of a thread. :see_no_evil:


Nice denouement.


Ace thread!

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Unbelievable foruming Riverwise. Introduced me to lots of new stuff, thank you!


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So you follow this thread from early summer 2023 and then it concludes with fucking Bruce fucking Springsteen?!? This is some Lost style ending bullshit :rage:

Joking obviously - incredible stuff @riverwise. Loved following this - introduced me to some new stuff but also caused me to revisit some stuff that I listened to back in the day but had maybe left in the 90s. Top top DiSing :+1: