rnb & neo soul. rolling 🎶

Also did not know this thread existed. Should get a playlist going for 2021 imo.

The (aptly named) Cleo Soul album will be in my top 10 this year probably. This version is from COLORS but whole album is amazing. Great production.

Also been enjoying this Ari Lennox track and the album from 2019

Joy Crookes - Anyone But Me :ok_hand:


Was searching for this thread a few days back and couldn’t find it!

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hadnt heard this, very nice.

Chloe x Halle is still one of my fav records oty
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man alive

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This version of ungodly hour is so perfect

I had somehow missed this entire EP / record. It’s so good!!! (completely unsurprising given the artists involved I guess). This track especially. Love how Kamasi Washington’s sax just drifts in at the end.

A few UK tracks I’ve been enjoying from Ojerime and Jamilah Barry. Both have excellent albums out this year - and feel like they should be way bigger. I only discovered Ojerime recently but have been digging through her back catalogue and it’s :fire:

Ojerime - Give it Up 2 Me

Jamilah Barry - Glitter

Jamilah Barry - Adore

just got into that mereba record from last year, it’s really smooth
here’s her tiny desks

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black truck might be my fav r&b track of the last 5 years.

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the best

That Jazmine Sullivan album from January is my AOTY so far. Every single track is a jam. Only downside (which might move it down the list), is it should be longer. If you remove the skits / interludes it’s only 8 tracks.

The singles have already been posted so won’t post again, but loving this track with Ari Lennox: