is this the banal thread?

i’ve sent myself a reminder email saying ‘PB’ and i’ve got no idea what it was meant to refer to. any ideas?

pickup bart


Penis breath (ie pick up toothpaste)

Peanut butter

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how is cracking an egg on a flat surface meant to work?

(im not buying that book)

Do go home, Balonz

I’m just about to, pal.

Same as it would work on a pan edge presumably, but with greater distance balancing yolky gravity on the way to the pan. Ludicrous.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating you thick cunts!

you what m9

i’m thinking of trying to smash it into a cutting board or something. it’s going to be well harder than doing it on the side of a bowl

I’m an academic and I would only appreciate 40% of those. Try to guess which ones.

I think it’s doable on more or less anything if you’re careful. I’ve definitely seen folks do it on surfaces when they want to add it to a dough that’s sitting on a counter or something.

Hey guys an artificial intelligence in the university of toronto has written a christmas song and it’s fucking great

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They’ve just nicked that from Portal 2.

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