Roald Dahl is 100!


What is yr favourite book?

Matilda for me, although James and the Giant Peach is wonderful. Reading his stuff as a kid is something I really miss. I remember feeling dazzled by the imagination and the cruelty and the humour. His writing taught me the importance of joy and sarcasm. So good.

His grown up stuff is pretty good too. Cruelty in particular is a superb collection.


No he isn’t.

He’s dead.


The Twits is the best one.

There was a really rubbish programme about this the other day on Channel 4 and Matilda won


Gosh you’re edgy. How can I kill buzzes as effectively as you, Ser Edgelord?


There are so many really rubbish programmes about Roald Dahl.


Giant Peach for me <3 :peach:


This one had David Walliams so wins the title of most rubbish programme about Roald Dahl


Yeah, watched that. Programmes like that are always shit anyway.

The Twits is alright though. Or The Witches.

Not that I’ve read either of them, or any other Roald Dahl book, for getting on for 20 years…


Last year Matilda was the most sold book from our shop in fact!


Have read most of them in the last 12 months. BFG and Matilda are probably my favourites.


Danny Champion of the World is by some stretch his greatest children’s book, but Matilda always wins because it’s directly targeted at booky kids.


Fantastic Mr Fox


The Witches :heart:
Probably the best Welsh writer ever besides Dylan Thomas


It’s between George’s Marvellous Medicine and The Witches. I’m re-reading The BFG now, about 31 years since the last time!


i’ve always had a real soft spot for ‘the giraffe and the pelly and me’, most because when i was a kid we had a tape of him reading it which was absolutely delightful. a staple of bedtimes and long car journeys, along with alan bennett reading winnie-the-pooh.


Fox, Peach and Matilda were my favourites.
used to be properly scared by The Witches, and mildly freaked out by The Magic Finger


in the witches when he says he wants to stay being a mouse so him and his grandma can die at the same time :cry:


The witches for me clive


nah that was his worst one


There was a really, really low budget creepy animated version of The Magic Finger that I had on VHS as a kid which I’ve tried for a few years to track down now, to no avail. Still freaks me out a bit now thinking about it.

Feels difficult to nail down which one is his best. I remember my entire childhood being consumed by these really dark, sinister stories and was absolutely obsessed by them.