Roald Dahl

Quite often find when my kid wants to watch a particular film it won’t be available in the kids section, and I have to use my parent account to find it, because it turns out it contains depictions of tobacco use or something.

im sure there’s individual examples where I might change my tune on this, but generally think all art should be left as it was made and then either have cover notes to explain the circumstances the art was made in, how things have changed (or not) since then - or just ban entirely/remove from circulation if it’s that dangerous/damaging. If you can still watch or get taught about Birth of a Nation for the sake of what it did for the artform of cinema, I think original shady writing by Dahl can be left alone (and then parents/readers can self-censor as they like)


Rolled daal

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Dunno. Some of the language Enid Blyton used was pretty disgusting, and happy for that to be removed.
I think people nowadays tend to think the first person or 3rd person narrative of a book should be always some bastion of morality, when in reality it’s Roald Dahl who was a bit of a cunt and should be questioned and criticised rather than taken at face value as an acceptable narrator.

Again as Pullman pointed out there’s millions of copies of the originals out there and they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

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(actually dw cba)

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I think Warner Bros are quite good with this stuff too with their old cartoons.


Think the best thing for the Dahl books would be a paragraph of two at the front along these lines.


Roald Dahl considered:

Pros: invented a valve for medical use that helped thousands of children

Cons: Bigoted antisemite

TBD: Shagadelic spy


really want to know what “g******” is partially because nobody seems to know what it is in the replies either.

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You can’t handle was a g****** is

It’s goddamn isn’t it?

that’s fine all I can see is “gorgeous”

That’s what I assumed

History’s greatest monster AND a Welshman? Throw the book at him.

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But that isn’t blanked out further along?


Think they edited Charlie and the Chocolate Factory shortly after it came out didn’t they, the oompa-loompas were described as black “pygmies” from “deepest, darkest Africa” or something but they changed them to be more fantastical. So these are smaller changes than that haha.

He was a tremendous cunt like. Loved his books but think his time has probably come.


Let Norway claim him


Idk, maybe the doc it’s quoting has it blanked out.

Roald Dahl? I prefer a lentil one myself