Roast dinners

Just an all-round brilliant invention. Perfect mix of meat (or whatever you use instead), potatoes in one of their best forms, vegetables (with cheese sauce sometimes) and gravy. Always race through mine then go back for at least 2 more platefuls. Obviously the best bit you can have is some cheese sauce, gravy and a last bit of roast potato right at the end as a final, perfect mouthful. Let’s talk about roast dinners.


Not fussed


Definitive ranking:

Roast chicken is nice in other ways but as part of a normal roast, massively overrated. Do it with garlic & chilli or something instead.

Something in a roast dinner can give me a dickie tummy. Love them, but don’t have them often for that reason.

Lamb is the hardest to get right but when it’s right it’s the best


Thanks for stopping by anyway!

I would normally go for a cheese sauce with just about anything, but a roast dinner? Not for me Clive.

I meant as part of cauliflower/broccoli cheese, not just poured over the top of everything. I’m not a maniac.

Not a fan for various reasons tbh.

Nobody has ever had a good one in a pub


Lamb is the best one for taste but one of the worst for leftover useage
Chicken is one of the worst ones for taste but the best one for leftover useage
Pork is pointless (and we don’t eat it in my house anyway)
Beef is superb

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Yeah I’m not a fan of cauliflower cheese as a roast accompaniment, but tastes may vary.

I know it’s a culinary faux pas and also a cliche, but I really really fancy a roast lamb this week. Maybe if I do it before the actual Easter holiday it will be less of an unimaginative option.

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How so? You mean not enough leftovers or not enough to do with them? I’d agree on the former, but there’s plenty to be done with what little is left, and lamb stock from the bones is nice and useful.

Overrated but they’re fine. For the effort put in and it being 2022 you could probably have something a bit nicer.

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More a case of you’re not gonna sling it in a pie or a pasta or whatever in the same way you would with leftover roast chicken

We’ve had this conversation before I think but this is absolutely true. There is always, always, at least one element that’s disappointing and you just know that you could have a better one at home.

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Pretty much the highest fancy to effort ratio of any meal I’d say. It’s a lot of things but not a lot of work.

I’ll tell you what is a waste of time mind: pana cotta. I made some at the weekend out of Masterchef curiosity. Not worth it.

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I’d stick it with pasta no problem. And it makes a nice sandwich.

Perfect plate of roast dinner:

Beef or pork
Roast potatoes (at least 10)
Yorkshire puddings x3
Carrot and swede mash
Broccoli & cauliflower cheese
Horseradish sauce or mustard depending on the meat