Robbie Williams (not dead)

Dead serious about being a committed irl troll though.

Particularly enjoyed the bit about him imitating Robert Plant.


Hard to know who to support. Robbie is being a dick to a pensioner, but that pensioner is a pedo.

So draw?

robbie all day for me


Hard to feel sorry for either of them bickering over preserving or improving their multi million pound mansions tbf.

16 Likes one of the best songs ever

Absolutely love Robbie, what a man

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As we’ve recently established, Led Zeppelin are the worst musical act in history, so are an acceptable target. Robbie’s behaviour is odd though, makes you wonder how he acts in other situations in his life.

Robbie forever.


Did once have a drink with Robbie’s dad and a few other of his mates. Left around the time they were talking about having a cock off (measuring contest)

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Too embarrassed to show or didn’t want to show them up?

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Robbie seems like a bell tbh


Ha! More lack of desire to see a load of drink old man dick

My dad did some work on Jimmy Page’s house years ago, apparently spent most of his time in the basement performing black magic rituals. Weird bloke.

Hopefully Robbie’s basement tunneling and Planto’s black magjic rituals will combine to open a hellmouth in robbies basement that will swallow both their houses. Grade I listed or not!


Family can be difficult sometimes.


Robbie’s on the latest Horne section podcast

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He was good value

The greatest pop star the UK has ever produced

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