Robbie Williams


have just uncovered this video

absolutely baffingly outtakes at the end, but Robbie had some absolutely belting songs didn’t he? Probably deserves to get much more credit then he does

No Regrets is a genuine 10/10 song


And yet he did this.


well yeah but Madonna went country, but the early stuff was still great


Madonna’s worst song > Robbie’s best song

I’m not a Madonna fan either.


No regrets is great and it’s got Neil Hannon and Neil Tennant on backing vox!


His Escapology album is a bonafide beaut of a record.

  1. Angels
  2. Feel
  3. She’s the one

That’s an incredible top 3


Kids was pretty good.


dont really think the not dead is necessary saying as this is on the music board


I fucking hate Robbie Williams with absolutely every fibre of my being. I see no redeeming features, either characteristically or musically.

It’s only finally recently that James Corden unseated him at the top of my ‘Person I’d Most Like To See Destroyed By A Horrendous And Career Killing Scandal.’

AnyHOO! I’ll leave you all to it…


Robbie Williams is unequivocally shite and is responsible for some of the worst music of the past 20 years. He has absolutely no redeeming features and the world would be a better place without him.

I mean, I’m aware I’ve bitten but fucking hell.


He’s so annoying but I like him


maybe I see myself in him


Music for children and people with very low IQs.



Robbie’s great. Last of a certain breed of pop stars. Best thing about him is he isnt afraid of being utterly shit. I mean, Rudebox is cataclysmic, but I still quite like it.

Feel is probably his best song, I reckon, or No Regrets. Also, the book Feel by Chris Heath is essential reading for anyone interested in pop music


This is great, had no idea it existed, ta!



I always really enjoyed this


Old Before I Die is the best Oasis song.


Wow those outtakes